4 Must-Have File Conversion Apps for Android

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Did you get a docx file and need to convert it into a PDF file? Sure, there are apps you can use to do this on your computer, but that won’t be necessary. There are various apps to convert those files to another format by using your Android device.

All of the apps on the list are free, so if one is not what you are looking for, you only need to uninstall it, unlike like other apps that offer the same features but make you pay for them. At least with these apps you don’t have to go through the refund process.

1. VidCompact Video to MP3 Converter

If you want the app to do more than just convert the format of your files, an excellent app to go with is VidCompact. The app allows you to convert videos to MP4, videos to MP3, and you also have the option of changing the resolution of the video before it is converted.

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All of the features in this app are free to use, and there are no in-app purchases to worry about. Besides being able to change the format of the files, the app also allows you to batch compress, crop, trim, and modify audio frequencies, and it supports formats such as MOV, HD, WMV, AVI, MPEG, MKV, 3GP, RMVB, and FLV.

All the videos you convert will be stored in the My Studio folder. The app also has an easy-to-understand user interface.

2. File Converter

If converting files is the most important thing to you, then File Converter is the app for you. It has various types of converters, such as image, audio, video, eBook, document, metadata, archive, and hash.

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Tap on document converter and on the current format of the file. Select the folder icon at the top, and choose your file. The final step before your file is converted will be to select the format you now want the file to have.

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Under Output, choose Target Format, and tap on the new format. To start the conversion process, tap on the Play button at the bottom.

What’s different about this app is that your file is sent to their servers, and once the process is over, the file is downloaded to your phone. The size limit is 100MB.

3. PDF Converter

With PDF Converter, you can convert as many files as you want since the app doesn’t place a limit. The file does not lose quality after the conversion, and you can choose to either scan a document, select a file on your device, or add it from Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, or others.

Convert Pdff

Once the file has been converted, tap on the drop-down menu and choose to either open it, send a copy, get details, rename, remove, or delete it.

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The app also makes it easy to find files you’ve converted. Tap on the three dots at the top-right and choose Sort Files. You can sort your files by date or name.

4. Batch Image Converter

Just as the name states, with Batch Image Converter you can change the format of various image files simultaneously. You can convert your images to JPG, PNG, WEBP, GIF, or PDF.

Convert Batch

If you’re going to convert an image to JPG, you’ll be able to fill the transparency with the color of your choice. Simply use the color slider to create the color you want. The app keeps things simple, so it’s a great app if you’re only interested in converting an image without all the extras.


Thanks to these apps, you don’t have to rely on your computer to convert any type of file. What’s even better is that all the apps on the list are free! Which app do you like best? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Would be great if you could also put some light on File Converter from Ice Cold Apps. Allows me to even edit a lot of settings for every conversion, use it daily for documents and 3D models.


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