What Features Will the 5th Gen iPad Need to Beat the Competition? [Poll]

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On October 22, Apple is set to have yet another product announcement after just holding one last month to introduce the iPhone 5c and Phone 5s. This time they’ll be debuting the fifth generation iPad and second generation iPad Mini as well as a new Mac and OSX Mavericks. What features is the iPad going to need to beat out competing tablets, some of which have already taken over the top spot from Apple earlier this year?

Since the debut of Apple’s iPad, it’s been the undisputed leader in tablet sales. Yet this September, it was pushed from that top spot by Android tablets. It leads in both the number of tablets sold and how much money people are paying for them. While it’s true that Android tablets comprise of several manufacturers while iPads are only produced by one, it’s still a change that bears noting. And we’ve all seen that commercial of a Dell tablet being compared to an iPad with a Siri-like voice saying it can’t zoom like that, insert SD cards, etc. It would seem Apple needs to make some major changes to the fifth generation iPad line to recapture that top spot.


Will it be the addition of SD and USB slots that make the iPad competitive again? Will it be a better camera? Maybe it will be using different colors or be a thinner device altogether? What features will the fifth generation iPad need to beat the competition?

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


A third of those responding to last week’s poll believe donating your old computer to a needy organization is the best way to dispose of it. Eighteen percent prefer to just keep the device for a backup, and slightly less at seventeen percent would use it similarly by stripping it and using it for parts. Eight percent would just brazenly throw it away. Five percent would sell it on eBay or Craigslist, and just four percent would sell it to a friend.

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