Feedingo: An Online RSS Feed Reader With Reader-Friendly Interface

With so many interesting websites out there, you must have bookmarked a few that you check daily for new posts and interesting articles. Checking each of these websites individually can be a bit cumbersome because not only are you shifting from one browser tab to another, but also getting a new reading interface with each new site.

This problem is effectively solved by RSS feeds. The RSS feed of a website lists its latest articles and let you quickly read them. Tools that let you read multiple RSS feeds save that is otherwise spent on jumping from one site to another.

If you are looking for a competent RSS reading online tool, then one of the best available options is Feedingo.


Feedingo is a web service that lets you read multiple RSS in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The site lets you easily create an account, search for multiple RSS feeds and add them, filter articles according to feed, view and read the articles in the site’s own interface, save the articles for later reading, favorite articles, and share them via email and across social networks such Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious.


The first step in using Feedingo is creating an account on the site. You can start signing up by clicking on the big green button on the site’s homepage.


You will be required to enter your desired username and password along with a valid email address. With this step completed, your Feedingo interface will open up. Initially this interface will be empty as you will have no feed added to your feeds list.


To start adding new feeds to your account, click on the “Add a Feed” button in the top right.


Clicking this button will open up a window in which you can enter a site’s URL or RSS feed address to add its feed to your Feedingo list.


When one feed is added, you can again click on the “Add a Feed” button to add more feeds. Your added feeds will be displayed in the right pane.


Clicking on a feed will highlight it and make its articles appear in the left pane.


The articles are arranged according to their recentness. You can make any article appear in full by clicking on its title. The article is expanded and made available for reading within the site’s own interface.


If you want to save the article for later reading, add it to your favorites, share it with your friends, or simply make it unread, scroll down to the bottom of the article and find the respective links.



The free account of Feedingo allows you to subscribe to a maximum of 10 feeds. This can be increased to 50 or 100 feeds by upgrading your account to one of the premium accounts offered by Feedingo. The 50 feeds account costs $5 monthly or $25 annually and the 100 feeds accounts costs $10 monthly or $50 annually. To upgrade your account any time find the “Upgrade” link in the top right of your Feedingo interface.



Feedingo is clearly a highly helpful RSS feed reader because it offers a feature-rich package in an extremely user-friendly interface. Anybody looking for a competent RSS feed reader should definitely give Feedingo a try.

You can visit Feedingo by clicking here.


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