Feedcal: Easily Schedule Twitter & Facebook Events to Google Calender

If you are an active Google calendar user, I am sure you have the habit of adding important events to it. However, if you are on Facebook or Twitter and you responded to an event invite, there can be times where you forgot to include that event into your Google Calendar and cause you to miss the event. Feedcal aims to solve this problem. With its unique scheduling engine, it will go through your Facebook or Twitter feeds and automatically add important events on your Google calendar.


Feedcal is currently in Public Beta and only works with Facebook and Twitter. The salient features of this web service is that you can simply set it and leave it, as it runs automatically in the background.

Using FeedCal

To start using this service, you just need to sign up on their web site. However, unlike many other web services, the sign up process is not so easy. You will need to fill many fields to get Feedcal working for you. In the very first stage, Feedcal integrates itself with your Google calendar and then it will ask you to authorize it with your social networks, either Facebook, Twitter or both. After connecting your accounts with Feedcal, just click on Sign Up button.

Feedcal Sign up

In the last step, it will need some of your basic information such as user name and E-mail address. After successfully integrating it with both calendar and social networks, you’re done. Feedcal will take care of the rest for you. Well, as this service in beta stage, you will not see a user-interface or anything like that but it will automatically filter all the events and sync them with your Google calendar. The service will check for updates on selected social networks after every 5-10 minutes. Just tweet about any event or if any of your friend has tweeted about a social gathering on Twitter or Facebook.


After testing it for a while, we found that the service works as described. Events were added to your existing calendar rather than a new one. It will also automatically update calendar after certain time period and pick up the status update or tweets which mention events. The best part is that we can even update those events just like the normal events created in the Google calendar.

Google Calender Feedcal


There are three plans designed by this web service which varies by social networking services you choose and the duration for checking the updates. Each plan comes with a different price, but the first 1000 users will get any of the account for free. Grab it while it lasts.

Feedcal Pricing


After using this web service, we came to a point that it is fairly innovative service to save the time. Because by using this engine, we don’t need to even open our Facebook or Twitter accounts to see the upcoming events. All we need to open the Google calendar and we will have an idea about upcoming or ongoing events. So, what do you think that this web service? Do let us know in the comments below?

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