Which Is Your Favorite Cloud Storage Service? [Poll]

There are tons of cloud storage services out there. Most of them have overlapping features and each of them have their own unique selling points that it is almost impossible to pin point which one is the best and which is the worst. The good thing is that you are not bound to using only one service. In fact, you can use multiple cloud storage services, or even multiple accounts of the same cloud service at the same time. Nevertheless, I am sure there is one service that you prefer over others.

The cloud service could be:

  • Dropbox because it is accessible from almost everywhere.
  • Ubuntu One because you are a die-hard Ubuntu user
  • Google Drive because of the integration with the online office suite

Let us know in the poll below which cloud storage service is your favorite. Also, let us know in the comments why you love this cloud service over others.

Here’s the results for last week poll:


A large majority (48%) of you use a password manager to record your password, which is a good practice, in my personal opinion. I am surprise to see that 34% of people actually memorize their passwords. My guess is that they either have a photographic memory, or that they are using the same password for every accounts. As for the rest, they tend to write down the passwords, hopefully in a full place.

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  1. Certainly Dropbox… it is Cross-OS and has a free mobile app. Syncing is quite fast (depending on your internet connection, of course).

    I recently installed OwnCloud on my Raspberry Pi, it has a decent interface and allows me to host everything myself… But hosting these large apps on such a small system isn’t really usefull. If I got a faster server, i might use OwnCloud more.

  2. A dark horse vote for JungleDisk. They were one of the first on the scene and offer more advanced options than I’ve seen from any of the others. In fact, they offer so many options that it can get confusing—but if the power to tweak settings is what you’re looking for, check them out. The impression (reinforced by terrible marketing) is of a service designed by nerds, for nerds.

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