Fantastical Is Your New Calendar Assistant for Mac

We’re all used to using calendars for keeping events organized, and almost everything that we use comes with a calendar. Be it your Android phone, iPhone, or even Mac, you have a calendar that lets you quickly plan your events. While these calendars have proven to be really useful, there are a few things that they miss. One of these things is the ability to easily add events and work with these calendars as if they were humans. Well, there’s an app that aims to fill that gap for us.

Fantastical is a calendar assistant for Mac that works as if it’s your personal assistant. It understands what you’re trying to say and creates new events accordingly. For example, if you use iCal for Mac, you know that you need to go to the day of the month and the month of the year to add a new event. Fantastical makes this easy for you by allowing you to type in your event in a single sentence, and it extracts the required information to be able to create a new event.

It Understands You

For instance, if you type in “Dinner with Mike at 9PM tomorrow”, it will extract the time, the day, the person’s name, and the extra information and create a new event on your calendar accordingly. Do you need to browse through your calendar to find the right day for adding an event? No, you don’t. If you happen to create a lot of events in a day, this is definitely a timesaver for you.


Unlike some calendar services that still use the old-school designs, Fantastical brings a modern look to make you feel like you have the most advanced technology ever. Just pop open the calendar, and you’ll see the elegant design that is rare to be seen in other calendars.

Reminders Made Simple To Add


Not only does it support events, but it has support for tasks as well. Similar to the tasks in Gmail, the Fantastical Reminder lets you quickly add reminders to your calendar so you don’t miss an important meeting with your client or forget to buy a toy for your kid. Adding a new reminder is easy. Simply tell the app what you want to get done, and it’ll do the rest of the task for you.

While it’s easy to add new events with this app, deleting the events is much simpler actually. You just need to go to the event you wish to delete and click on the “Delete” button. Voila, the event’s gone from your calendar!

It works on your iPhone and iPad, too


What’s so good about this app is its availability on multiple platforms. It’s available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad – so your whole family’s covered. And, it’s available in multiple languages so you don’t need to speak English to use the app. You can use German, French, Italian, and Spanish to create new events.

Finally, if you’ve decided to go with Fantastical, you might want to move your old calendars over to this new service. The app makes the whole migration process easy for you with the BYOC (Bring Your Own Calendar) feature that lets you bring over all of your calendars that you’ve been using on your devices to this app.


Fantastical is one of those apps that understands human language and helps you make your daily tasks much easier to do, all thanks to the brilliant developers behind the app.

Fantastical for Mac

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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