Fancy a XP on Your Ubuntu?

For those who are too used to Windows XP interface, XPde (XP Desktop Environment) provides a desktop environment that emulates after XP.

The installation guide in the XPde folder does not work.

psychocats has written a simple script to automate the installation.

Download the scripts to your desktop.

In your terminal, type

cd ~/Desktop
chmod +x

Personally, I don’t find the XPde attractive, nor it is fully functional. But for those who really can’t live without XP, then this desktop environment might help you to get used to Linux easier.

To uninstall, in your terminal, type,

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/xpde
sudo rm /usr/share/xsessions/XPde.desktop


  1. While I have not tried it, don’t forget that there is Linux XP as well, which is an entire distro made to look like XP. Me? I’m good on Debian and Mandriva.

  2. XP strikes back….he..he..

  3. I didn’t get why anyone would want to do this until I saw Ubuntu – installed on a friend’s family computer – masquerading as XP. It was brilliantly done and allowed their whole family to get used to Ubuntu pretty quickly.

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