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It’s a sign of the times that nearly everything we touch is taking us further into the high-tech world. So why not take your teeth in that direction as well, with toothbrushing being one of the most important personal care tasks you do.

I’ve been using the grocery-store battery-operated toothbrushes for a while, the ones that cost less than $10. I really like them, but they just never seem to last that long before they burn out. This made me excited to try the Fairywill Ring Electric Toothbrush to see how it fared.

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Why Can’t Toothbrushes Be Beautiful?

When we think of toothbrushes, we don’t think of beauty, but that’s what the Fairywill Ring Electric Toothbrush delivers. I’m not even sure if the picture below does it justice

Review Fairywill Toothbrush Beauty

Its sleek, black design features a gold ring that produces lights to show you what mode you’re using and when it’s being charged. It’s beautiful enough to where you don’t mind it sitting out on your bathroom sink when company comes over. In addition to that, it has an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Review Fairywill Toothbrush Contents

Along with the toothbrush itself, you also get a replacement brush head, a charging cord that connects from the toothbrush to USB, and a type C multi-port accessory mini-disk that allows you to connect it to a USB-C enabled device to fast-charge it.

Using the Fairywill Toothbrush

I didn’t need to charge the toothbrush at all, as it was already carrying a charge when it arrived. I snapped the brush head on and was able to use it right away

Review Fairywill Toothbrush Bristles

If you touch the power button once, it provides regular cleaning. Twice gives you a more gentle cleaning for those with sensitivity issues, and three times will massage your gums. After it’s been on for a few seconds, if you touch the power button again, it will turn it off. Once you turn it on again, it will remember the mode you used last time.

Review Fairywill Toothbrush Power Ring

The three functions operate on a built-in two-minute timer. Not only will it automatically shut off after two minutes of brushing, it will also send you reminders at thirty-second intervals to switch “quadrants” on your teeth to make sure you get a full thirty seconds on your upper, lower, back, and front teeth.

Review Fairywill Toothbrush Lights Handle

The regular cleaning cycle delivers 62,000 brush movements in each cycle. As I said, I’ve been using the cheaper, more disposable toothbrushes anyway, but this was very powerful and made me feel like my teeth were really clean.

In fact, it brought back that “just went to the dentist feeling on my teeth. Nothing compares to those hours after you go to the dentist for a cleaning, except this. Every time I brush my teeth it makes me feel like I just left the dentist’s office.

Charging the Toothbrush

There’s a cord that attaches to the toothbrush itself on one end and to a USB connection on the other, allowing you to charge it however you charge your other devices. Additionally, there is the multi-port tool that allows more charging options. You won’t need it often, though, as one charge lasts 30 days.

Review Fairywill Toothbrush Charging

This was the only negative for me, however. The toothbrush has to charge lying down because the connection to the cord is in the bottom of the handle. It would be nice to have some type of stand for it.

Pros and Cons


  • beautiful sleek, ring design
  • multiple charging options
  • auto shutoff with thirty-second timer feature
  • provides “just left the dentist” feeling


  • does not have any type of stand


The Fairywill Ring Electric Toothbrush with three modes and two replacement brush heads costs $49.99. However, for just $10 more, the P11 Plus includes two additional replacement brush heads and a convenient travel case. If you believe you’ll go through brush heads quickly or if you want a storage operation for home or travel, the extra $10 is probably worth it.

Overall Judgement

Overall, if you’re looking for an inexpensive rechargeable toothbrush, you can’t go wrong with the Fairywill Ring Electric Toothbrush. The beautiful sleek design outweighs the lack of any stand. And if you pay just $10 more, you’ll get the travel case that will help with that problem.

For my own taste, I will never use the cheap battery-operated toothbrushes again. I’m sold on rechargeable toothbrushes because of the Fairywill. This is especially true after a visit to the dentist revealed my teeth were doing well. Genetically, I have bad teeth, and health issues have made them worse. But this last dental visit revealed no issues at all, a rarity for me.

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