How to Factory Reset Your PS4

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If you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to grab a new PS5, let us extend our congratulations. Your shiny new console not only has some excellent launch games (we’re looking at you Spider-Man Miles Morales), but it also has the ability to run PlayStation 4 games! With this backward compatibility, you can now sell your old PS4 to get some cash back. Here is how you can properly factory reset your PS4 before you sell it.

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Back Up Your Save Data

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The first thing you want to do before you reset your PS4 is back up your save data. There’s nothing worse than realizing hours of gameplay is lost, so don’t skip this step. You have two options when backing up your PS4’s save data: use an external USB storage device or your Playstation Plus Cloud Storage.

Deactivate Your PS4

After you’ve backed up your save data, you’ll need to disassociate your PlayStation account from your PS4 console. Failure to do so could result in some headaches down the road. This includes things like accessing your downloaded games or restoring save game data on your new console.

Ps4 Deactivate

To deactivate your account from your PS4, turn the console on and sign in to your account, if you are not signed in already. Open the PS4 Settings menu and select “Playstation Network/Account Management.” Next, choose “Activate as your Primary PS4” and select “Deactivate.”

Initialize PS4 Console

With the previous two steps completed, you’re ready to completely reset your PS4 and get it ready for resale. Navigate back to the PS4’s Settings menu and select “Initialization.” At this point you’ll be presented with a couple of different options. To reset your PS4 and wipe all of your data, choose “Initialize PS4.” This will restore all of the factory defaults as well as delete all of your user data. There is another option called “Restore Default Settings;” however, this doesn’t delete all of your data. If you are planning on reselling or gifting your PS4 console, then you’ll definitely want to select “Initialize PS4.”

Ps4 Initialize

After selecting “Initialize PS4,” you’ll have to make another choice: either “Quick” or “Full.” Both options delete all of your data, but as the titles suggest, the “Quick” option takes significantly less time. That being said, the “Full” option not only deletes your data but makes it unrecoverable. Because of this added layer of security, we suggest you opt for the “Full” option. At this stage, you’ll have to confirm the operation by selecting “Yes.”

Ps4 Initialize Full 1

Warning: make sure you’re ready to perform a complete wipe of your PS4. Once the Initialization process starts, it cannot be cancelled.

After selecting “Yes,” your PS4 console will reboot and begin the Initialization process. How long this takes can vary. However, be prepared to let your PS4 do its thing for a couple of hours.

After PS4 Initialization

Once the PS4 has finished the initialization process, the console will reboot again. When it turns itself back on, you’ll see the PS4 setup screen. This screen instructs you to connect the DualShock 4 controller to the PS4 console via the USB cable to continue.

Ps4 Connect Controller

If you see this screen, the initialization process completed successfully and your PS4 is ready to be sold. At this point, all you need to do is press the power button on your PS4 until it beeps to shut it down. Now you’re ready to pack up your PS4 and sell it!

Wrapping Up

Now that your PS4 console has been reset to its factory state, you can safely sell it. But if you’re not interested in flipping your old console for some extra cash, there are other things you can do with it. Are you planning on selling your PS4? Let us know in the comments!

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