What Is the Deciding Factor For Choosing a New smartphone? [Poll]

When you’re in the market for a new smartphone, what are the main points of interest to you? Are you trying to stay within your cell service or does the version of the OS matter to you. Maybe you’re looking for a QWERTY keypad or a certain size or great gadgets to go with your smartphone.

It’s not enough just to know you want a smartphone. There are many other choices to go along with it. If you want an iPhone, you need to know what size, what color, and if you want a cover. If you want an Android, you still need to find out what brand of phone, as that’s just the OS. Do you want Samsung or do you want Motorola? If you have to have a QWERTY keyboard, plenty of them have them. Do you want one with certain specs like the best camera or long-lasting battery?

Image credit: an evening playing ‘smartphone’ pub quiz with the exeter twitterati!

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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