How to Use FaceTime Keyboard Shortcuts on Your Mac

FaceTime is Apple's exclusive video calling app, allowing any iOS, iPadOS or macOS to call their contacts. The service works exceptionally well with very few complaints. With the added benefit of group calls of up to 32 people, FaceTime can be quite handy, for both individual calls and group calls.

If you use FaceTime on your Mac, you can use the following list of shortcuts to help you use the app more efficiently. These will work on FaceTime no matter what macOS firmware you're running, but it's recommended to have the latest version for both macOS and FaceTime.

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Here's the list of keyboard shortcuts for FaceTime:


  • Open Preferences: Cmd +,


  • Toggle full-screen during video call: Cmd + Ctrl + F
  • Toggle landscape/portrait: Cmd + R
  • Hide FaceTime: Cmd + H
  • Hide everything except FaceTime: Cmd + Option + H
  • Turn Facetime/Off: Cmd + K
  • Quit FaceTime: Cmd + Q
  • Minimize FaceTime Window: Cmd + M
  • Close FaceTime Window: Cmd + W

These keyboard shortcuts are built into the system and unfortunately can't be customized, nor disabled. They're helpful if you made it a habit of using them but won't harm you if you don't.

Another quick way to call someone is to make a FaceTime desktop shortcut for a contact. To do this, open Safari on your Mac and type in one of the following URLs:

  • facetime://appleid
  • facetime://email@address
  • facetime://phone#

Replace "appleid," "email@address" or "phone" with the respective Apple ID, email address of phone number you want to call. Once done, select the URL in the address bar and drag it to the desktop. (Drag it from the left corner of the address, otherwise you won't be able to drag the entire selection).

Facetime Shortcuts Drag Desktop Shortcut

This will create a desktop shortcut which when clicked, will directly open FaceTime with the respective contact information. Simply click on the Green dial button to start the call with the user.

Facetime Shortcuts Desktop Shortcut

That's it. Be sure to use these keyboard shortcuts for easier use of FaceTime on your Mac.

Do you also know that you can tile windows in macOS so you can FaceTime and work at the same time? Or if you run out of screen space, you can connect an external monitor to your Mac and move your FaceTime window to the other screen.

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