What Do You Think of Facebook’s Planned ‘Dislike’ Button?

Facebook caused a lot of excitement by announcing that they are planning on adding a “Dislike” button to their format. Presently you can only “Like” or Comment on a post, picture, or video, but now you will be able to “Dislike” content as well. What do you think of having a Dislike button added to Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement this week that his social network is working on this change. He acknowledged that people have been asking for it for many years. That being said, he also announced that he was trying to avoid having Facebook turn into a Reddit-stye system.

There are arguments both for and against this addition. Those against it not only have the fears of it turning into Reddit, they also worry it will bring out nefarious people who just want to add a bunch of dislikes to people’s content on Facebook. Others point out that if someone posts about a tragedy, the “Like” button doesn’t seem appropriate, yet they would still like to be able to acknowledge the post. A “Dislike” button will allow them to do that.

Will this help or hurt Facebook? Will having the “Dislike” button help people express themselves better when acknowledging a post? Or will such a change bring unwanted hurt to people whose well-meaning posts will earn Dislikes by people trying to do them harm?

What do you think of Facebook’s planned “Dislike” button?

What do you think of Facebook's planned "Dislike" button?

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