Your Complete Guide to Adding, Sharing and Deleting Pictures for Facebook Messenger Day

Lately social media apps have given up on creating their own features and have opted to just copy what others do. Take WhatsApp, for example. Instead of creating a WhatsApp exclusive feature, they just copied Snapchat Stories.

It’s Facebook’s turn with their Messenger Day feature. It’s a slideshow of your favorite images, videos or both that you can share with others. You can either share it with all your friends or selected friends.

How to Access Messenger Day

To access Messenger Day, all you have to do is open the Messenger app, and on the top left corner, is a camera icon with the words “Add to your day” below it. To the right of the camera icon, is all your friends that have posted something to their day.


How to Add Pictures to Your Messenger Day

Adding photos to your day is as easy as tapping on “Add to your Day” at the bottom of the home feed (empty circle at the bottom). Or if you prefer, you can also tap on the camera icon at the top.


You can either record a new video or choose from one that you already saved on your camera roll. After you’ve taken a picture you can add all kinds of effects to it. You can either draw on it, add text, or even add a sticker.

There are even real-time effects you can add if you’re recording a video. When you’re done with your creation, tap on the arrow at the bottom-right corner to continue.

Your friends won’t get notified that you’ve updated your story which is something that I think they should change. Maybe some of your friends want to know when you’ve added something new.

If you change your mind and don’t want to add it to your day, you also have the option of sharing the picture with certain friends. You can go either way – add it to your story or share with friends.

How to See Your Messenger Day

To see your Messenger Day stories, go to the Home tab, and it will be at the top. Tap on the story you want to see (including your own), and Messenger will automatically go through the pictures. To move on to the next photo, tap on the right edge of your display. If you want to see a previous picture just tap on the left edge of your screen.

Since you’re probably proud of what you posted, you’ll want to see which of your friends have seen your story. Tap on your own story at the top from the home tab, and you’ll get to see who’s viewed your story.


Watch for the replies your friends might leave since Messenger Day also comes with built-in responses. But if you want to create your answer, there’s an option for that, too.

How to Delete Pictures from Your Messenger Day Story

If you regret posting that picture of you at your friend’s birthday party, don’t worry; you can erase it. Tap on the three vertical dots at the top right and choose “Delete” while you’re viewing the picture you want to remove. You’ll have to delete the photos one by one since there’s no option to erase them all at once.


Hopefully, one day messaging and social media apps will create their features and not copy someone else’s. Until that day come, all you can do is enjoy the ones that do appear, even if they are a ripoff of another app’s feature. Are you having fun with Messenger Day?

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