Will Facebook and Google Eventually Become Omnipotent?


When you look at certain changes that Facebook and Google are making, it seems like they are in a push to become omnipotent. It’s hard not be involved with the two powerhouses at least in some aspect of your computing. Is this where they’re headed? Will Facebook and Google eventually become omnipotent?

Google itself defines omnipotent as “having unlimited power, able to do anything, having ultimate power and influence.” it certainly seems like they are describing themselves, doesn’t it? It may have started as just a search engine, but now it is so much more with so many more services with a browser, a social network, advertising, cloud storage service, productivity software, and more.

Facebook really isn’t too far behind. They”re more than just a social network. As much as Google seems to have a monopoly over online searching, Facebook has the same position above other social networks. They keep coming up with new services as well, sometimes with separate apps, with messaging, photos, and ads, and they’ve had their share of big acquisitions including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Is all of this with the intent of becoming the only service users will need? Are Google and Facebook initiating all these changes hoping that we will use their service and only their service for all our computing needs? And will it work?

Will Facebook and Google eventually become omnipotent?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. None of the above.

    At this point in time, the two companies seem destined to divide the world between them. Standard Oil and US Steel were on the verge of becoming omnipotent, too. Where are they now? New technology paradigms will replace the services provided by FB and Google, rendering them irrelevant for the most part. Just like Standard Oil and US Steel, they will continue to exist but in a much diminished capacity.

  2. ‘Omnipotent’? ‘OMNIPOTENT’?

    At first I thought that maybe you were trying to say ‘ubiquitous,’ but now it seems like you were trying to say ‘monopolies,’ where, as you conclude, “All of this with the intent of becoming the only service users will need?”

    At first I thought you might have had an interesting article here, but now it seems like you were you just cooking up another potboiler made with fresh click-bait.

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