Extract Files From Rar, Zip Archives online

A couple of days back, while I was searching for some nice wallpapers for my desktop, I came across this neat collection bundled in a rar archive. The collection had all sorts of nice wallpapers for different sized desktops and was exactly what I wanted.

The only problem was that the file was about 100 MB and I didn’t really have the inclination or time to download it. And moreover, I wasn’t even interested in all the wallpapers from that collection. All I wanted was a way to open the archive and be able to download only the 1400×900 sized images.

With that goal in mind I went searching for tools online to help me view and download files from within rar archives and came across Wobzip.

Wobzip is an online archive viewer. It is based on the excellent open source archiving tool 7-zip, and so supports all formats supported by 7-zip, including the more esoteric ones like CAB, ARJ, CPIO etc. Of course, it also supports the common formats like ZIP, RAR, ISO, TAR etc so whatever your need be, Wobzip probably has you covered.

To start using Wobzip, All I had to do was point it to the location of the wallpaper archive and within a couple of minutes I could view all the files contained within the archive and download the ones that I was interested in.

Wobzip - Point a URL

The archive is password protected ? No problem, Wobzip supports those too. Just give the password of the archive to Wobzip and it’ll handle everything for you.

Wait for Wobzip to download the archive file to it’s servers and once it’s done, you’ll be able to view it and download any or all the files contained within it.

Wobzip - Download files

A friend has sent you an archive that you don’t have the viewer for ? Fret not!

Wobzip also lets you upload an archive to their servers and then view and download its contents.

Wobzip - Upload a file

Wobzip promises that each file is encoded using a hash and so no Wobzip employee can read your precious data, but if you’re still paranoid you can click on the delete all files button once you’re done downloading the one file that you were interested in.

Wobzip - delete all files

I found Wobzip to be lifesaver and hope that it is useful to you guys also. And trust me, that one time when you really have to use it, you’ll thank MakeTechEasier and of course, the awesome guys behind Wobzip.