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Extracting data from a Zip or Rar file is pretty easy – there are desktop tools that do the job just fine. However, there are times you may find yourself on a computer which does not allow installations of tools, such as a public library PC. Fortunately, you can still extract files using online tools that require no installations. Let’s take a look at the best tools to extract Zip and Rar files online.

1. ExtendsClass

A very simple and ad-light site that does the job you ask of it. ExtendsClass is a site dedicated to online tools like various file format converters, compression tools and (in this case), an unzipping tool for ZIP, RAR and TAR files.

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Simply drag-and-drop the compressed archive of your choice into the big box on the Unzip Files page, and it will display all the files contained therein, which you can then download individually from your browser.

There’s no limit to the amount of files you can extract, though the archive size limit is dependent on your browser apparently, so you may get less or more mileage depending on your browser.

Beyond that, check out the other tools on ExtendsClass. It’s full of useful stuff.

2. Google Drive

You probably know Google Drive as a online storage service, but do you know that it has the capabilities to open your Zip files as well? Simply upload your Zip file to Google Drive and double click on it to open like a normal file. The caveat: you can only view the files and not extract them, though that can be solved with the ZIP Extractor app. More details here.

3. is the best file unpacker on the Internet. While others tend to specialize in a few different formats, is compatible with over 60 different formats. It also supports password-protected files as well as multi-part archives.

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Using couldn’t be easier. When you visit the page, you can click the “Choose file” button to browse your PC or drag the file into the window. You can also give it a file on Google Drive or Dropbox if you’re hosting it on either server. The website will extract the files and then present you with each individual file, which you can download one by one.

If you use and the progress bar keeps turning red when processing, try revisiting the page in incognito mode. This appears to fix whatever keeps it from finalizing the extraction.

4. ezyZip

If doesn’t work for you, try ezyZip. This website doesn’t have a wide range of formats like, but it still covers the common file types. You can switch between each file type by clicking the down-arrow next to “Unzip” on the menu.

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Drag your file to the upload window. If you only see a spinning loading circle, disable script/ad blockers or use incognito mode to fix it. Once it finishes unzipping, you can download each file individually.

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ezyZip is a good one to remember because it also comes with zipping tools. This makes it handy regardless of whether you need to zip or unzip a file.

5. Unzip-Online

Unzip-Online can handle both Zip and Rar files. The unzipping process is fast and works without needing to disable extensions or go into incognito mode. Its main draw, however, is its privacy policy.

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If you’re worried about your files being stored on the website once you’re finished, Unzip-Online deletes files after 24 hours of unzipping them. The website also has a privacy policy that details what you share with the website, which makes it a good choice for those with privacy in mind.

6. Files2Zip

Files2Zip has the least number of supported formats in the list, only supporting the .zip format. However, what it lacks in diversity, it makes up in sheer speed.

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The above two options take a little bit of time to chew over the file and extract what’s inside. Files2Zip, however, instantly unpacks any small Zip file given to it. You can then click any entry to download the file to your computer.

As the name suggests, you can also use Files2Zip to create compressed files. Just upload whatever you want to have zipped up using the same uploader as the unzipper, and the website will automatically know what you want to do.

Once it’s bundled, you can either download it to your computer, email it to someone, or upload it to your Dropbox. The zipping process is just as fast as the unzipping, so this is a fantastic way to bundle a file if you don’t have access to a desktop app.

Why Not Go Portable Next Time?

If you’re reading this article because you’re stuck on a computer without an unzipping program, go ahead and use one of the above options. However, the next time you use that computer, why not try a portable app instead of using an online one?

They’re called “portable apps” because you can put them on a memory stick. Then, when you use a public computer, you can plug in your USB and use the app without installing anything on the computer. Everything runs on your memory stick.

The next time you want to use a public computer, load up a memory stick with portable versions of 7-Zip or PeaZip and use that instead – it’ll be much easier!

No WinZip? No Problem!

If you find yourself on a computer without an unzipping program, there are several websites you can visit that will do the job for you. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so pick the one that suits your needs best. For more virtual tips, see our guide on how to import and export OVA files in Virtualbox. Also, given these are browser-based tips, you want to make sure you don’t have any scrolling problems in Chrome, so check out our list of fixes there.

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