Extend Your Android Battery Life With Battery Doctor

Smartphones are more than a phone nowadays. You can make calls, browse the Internet, chat with friends, play games and much more. However, the most common problem with them is their battery life. Managing your battery life on your smartphone can be a challenging task. You can’t tell which features are running and which are consuming more battery. If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use tool to manage Android battery life, give Battery Doctor for Android a try.

Battery Doctor is a great utility for Android users who want to better manage their smartphone’s battery life. It shows which features and operations are using the most battery and tells you how much time your Android battery life will last with certain features enabled as well as how much the battery life will be extended if you disable those features. It also tells you the health of your battery along with the charge cycle, i.e. how many times you charge your phone (partial or full).

When you launch Battery Doctor for the first time, it will show you the basic welcome screen and will redirect you to the main Saver tab. This will show you the time your battery can last and the percentage of battery left. One thing I really like about this app is that it shows the battery usage of the currently active apps (or functions like WiFi, GPS, Sync, Data, etc.) and how much your Android battery life would be extended if you disabled those features. Tapping on any feature will toggle it off and on.

Battery Doctor Saver Tab

The “Charge” tab shows you the health of your battery and how much time you have until you need to charge your phone. Tap on the calendar icon on the top right corner to view the charge cycle. It will show you how many times you completely charged your phone and more.

Battery Doctor Charge

Battery Doctor Charge Cycle

The application also offers many different modes which you can enable at night or in case your battery is low. You can even create a custom mode as well.

Battery Doctor Modes

An interesting feature of the application is that from the “Consume” tab, you can check which applications and features are using the most battery, like your OS, maps and other services. Tapping on any process will show you its details, how much cache it has and other storage details.

Battery Doctor Consumption List

The application will show the battery percentage in the Android notification bar as well. You can even use Battery Doctor from your Android homescreen. Just open the drop-down menu and tap on the Battery Doctor icon. It will show you all the features that you can enable/disable on your selected mode. If you want, you can disable the display option from Battery Doctor settings as well.

Battery Doctor Custom Mode

From here, you can even change the battery mode as well so that you do not have to open the application every time you want to change the mode. Just tap on Go To Mode and select your desired mode.

Battery Doctor Homescreen Mode

For any Android user who wants to better manage their smartphone’s battery, Battery Doctor is a great app that you should install. It’s simple and easy to use and allows you to maximize your Android battery life. The application shows you every single thing you need to know about maximizing and improving your smartphone’s battery.

Note: Battery Doctor is available for iOS as well.