10 Exciting Microsoft Store Games You Can Play on Windows 10 PC

Featured Microsoft Store Games

We have reviewed some of the best apps on Microsoft Store. If you enjoy playing games on your PC, here is a tested collection from the Microsoft Store that will keep you hooked for hours at a stretch.

1. Forza Street

Forza Street is one of my personal PC favorites because the overall experience from the XBox is transferred without any lag. A single player racing adventure, Forza Street is a monster-consuming 4GB memory that will need a RAM upgrade. It’s totally worth it because you get some heavy-duty graphics in return.

Forza Street Microsoft Store

Verdict: racing junkies will absolutely love this.

Cost: free with very few in-app purchases.

2. Minecraft for Windows 10

The original Minecraft version from Minecraft Studios offers a complete mixed-reality experience with multiplayer online settings. You can transfer yourself from indoors to the middle of the forest and into a haunted castle at breakneck speeds.

Minecraft Windows Store

Verdict: Minecraft is the invention of highly creative minds and one of the best games to have on your PC.

Cost: $26.99 for a lifetime purchase, but there is a 30-day free trial available.

3. Prince of Persia

This game will bring back childhood or older memories because the lineage of Prince of Persia goes back to the era of vintage PCs. The Microsoft Store version is a faithful reproduction of the classic, and thankfully, they chose not to ruin it with modern graphics.

Prince Of Persia Microsoft Store Image

Verdict: Transport yourself to the 1980s and into a world of rich fantasies.

Cost: free

4. Microsoft Mahjong

The Store has a good collection of card and puzzle games including Solitaire, Bingo and the classic Uno. But Microsoft Mahjong is truly the best because of how little effort is required. You simply have to balance the hidden pairs of tiles. With a Microsoft account, you can transfer the game settings to a phone and continue collecting points even when you’re away from your PC.

Microsoft Mahjong Microsoft Store

Verdict: Microsoft Mahjong is a sharp mind game to help you kill the mid-afternoon slump.

Cost: free

5. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

Get medieval with the ultimate fantasy game suitable for the knights of yore. For those of you with occult inclinations, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG will not disappoint.

Iron Blade Medieval Legends

Verdict: this game is really dark and intense. It is not recommended for those who squirm easily which explains the mature (17+) rating.

Cost: free

6. Real Pool 3D

Do you enjoy playing pool in the real world? Real Pool 3D is a faithful reproduction of that authentic experience on your PC screen. It is also available online, as I have been playing this for many years. With the Store version you can play against the computer or another player online.

Real Pool 3d Microsoft Store

Verdict: whether you want to give a crushing break shot, roll the ball backwards or add extra spin, all of  it is doable in the simulation.

Cost: free

7. Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

While there are many good combat games on Store, Modern Combat 5 has a subtle tension going on as you move from one war zone to the next.

Modern Combat 5 Esports Fps Microsoft Store

Verdict: thrilling and authentic combat game.

Cost: free

8. Sea of Thieves

Are you a ‘umble pirate? In that case, the Sea of Thieves is guaranteed to bring out your inner Jack Sparrow as you transport yourself into a world of seafaring, pillage and plunder. Additionally, the no-holds-barred game offers plenty of alcohol use and loud cussing.

Sea Of Thieves

Verdict: this is an uncensored game, and you will wonder how it even make it to the family-friendly Store. Perhaps because it is super exciting!

Cost: $29.99-59.99

9. Virtual City Playground – Building Tycoon

If you fancy yourself as a real estate mogul and a business strategist, Virtual City Playground will fit the bill. You can buy yourself properties and ruthlessly compete with other tycoons in an uber-competitive world.

Virtual City Playground Building Tycoon Microsoft Store

Verdict: Business school students will enjoy this.

Cost: Free

10. Goat Simulator Windows 10

We will round up our list with some black comedy. Goat Simulator is a surprise find that will have you hooked in no time. Imagine yourself as a wicked goat wreaking havoc on the whole city. The concept is downright addictive and very entertaining.

Goat Simulator Windows10

Verdict: this one is for those who like to play practical jokes on others. The goat’s evil laughter (sounds more like a hyena) is bound to scare quite a few people!

Cost: $4.79-9.59


Some of the in-demand classics such as Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty were not included in this list because they are really poor imitations of what you get with a console and larger screen. Instead, the focus is on playable games to be enjoyed on your PC with a mouse and keyboard.

Please let us know in the comments if any of your favorite games from the Store should have been included.

Sayak Boral
Sayak Boral

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