Evri: A Useful App For News Junkies [iPad]

News junkies are always on the search for the latest news. There are many apps that will keep them abreast of the biggest news stories of the day, but Evri seems to do it better, easier, and simpler than the others. It manges this by not trying to do too many things. It’s a news reader, and only a news reader, and because of that, it does just that… offers you a way to read the news.

Just opening the Evri app, you can see how much it seems to go by the old adage of “Less is more.” There is no account to sign up for and nothing to configure. Other apps have you putting in the URLs or RSS feeds of your favorite news sites, but Evri does all that work for you. It combs through all the news sites and find the top news that you want to read.


Evri starts with the major news categories of US & World, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, etc. It not only finds all those top stories, but it puts them into smaller, compartmentalized topics. It takes Entertainment, and instead of just listing the top stories of the day, it shows topics of Book Reviews and Movie Reviews, and specific Entertainment news, such as a whole topic devoted to Ashton Kutcher, and another to the film 50/50.


In the Top Stories tab, it offers not just those top stories, but those top topics of the day. Clicking on a topic such as GOP Hopefuls shows a featured article pertaining to that, as well as the headlines of a few others, and a link to see even more. It also shows related topics. For GOP Hopefuls, if you’re interested in that, they figure you may also be interested in Warren Buffet, Rick Santorum, and BNSF Railway. These articles are from all the popular sites, such as AP Online and New York Times, as well as lesser known sites like Fort Worth Star Telegram.


Evri also allows you to follow topics that you enjoy. In Technology, I followed both Apple and iPhone 5. Not only does it allows me to find it more quickly by just clicking on the Now Following tab, it also finds those articles for me if that topic is no longer in the top news. Apple and iPhone 5 are always going to have new articles, but they won’t always be in the top Technology headlines of the day. It doesn’t matter, though, as I’m following those topics, and can easily click on this tab to check out what’s new each time I open the app.


From this same app, you can also keep up on the top stores that you’re following, perhaps inadvertently, in Facebook and Twitter. The first time you click on one of these tabs, it asks you to log in to the social networks. Doing so connects it with your friends and who you’re following on Facebook and Twitter. This will then allow you to see what the top stories are. Clicking on Facebook then shows me the top stories from my friends, as well as other related topics it thinks I may enjoy. Clicking on the Twitter tab shows the top stories from the people I follow, as well as those related topics.


Evri is very aptly named, as it does every thing I want it to. It finds the stories I’m interested in, and after checking in, I’m not left wondering why I didn’t get the article or articles I was looking for. My only complaint is that after leaving the app and going to another, then coming back to it, sometimes Evri freeze on the screen I left off on. It’s not too much trouble, though, as I just quit (clicking the Home button twice, doing a long hold of the app, then clicking the X) the app and reopen it, causing it to restart.

What other apps do you use to keep track of the news?


Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.

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