CheatSheet For the Updated Evernote App

Evernote has recently gone through some changes to streamline the service and make it easier to use. All of the versions – PC, Mac, and Mobile – have seen these changes. It’s still the same great app/service, with all of your notes being saved and synced between devices.

With these changes, you will see a completely new interface that offers a quick glance at everything – including your notes, notebooks, and tags. It make it much easier to find everything. Another big change is replacing the Favorites bar with Shortcuts. Instead of setting your favorites, you can just drag your notes, tags, saved searches, etc., into the Shortcuts area.

Because of all of these great changes, the keyboard shortcuts that are used for the desktop versions of Evernote have been deleted, added to, and changed. Follow the Evernote Cheat Sheet below to find your way around Evernote on the PC and Mac.

Evernote’s keyboard shortcuts for Windows

Evernote Shortcuts (Windows)Function
Ctrl + Alt + NSwitch to Evernote and open a new note.
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate a new notebook.
Ctrl + NCreate a new note.
Ctrl + Shift + TCreate a new tag.
Ctrl + Alt + TAssign a new tag.
Ctrl + PPrint
Ctrl + Shift + PPrint preview.
Ctrl + FOpen a “Find” box on the open note.
Ctrl + GFind Next
Ctrl + Shift + GFind Previous.
Ctrl + HReplace within note.
Ctrl + Shift + AClear the previous search
Ctrl + Shift + SCreate a new search that can be saved.
Ctrl + SpaceSimplify the formatting in a note
Ctrl + Shift + SpaceRemove all of the formatting in a note
Ctrl + Shift + CAdd a checkbox to the note on the line with the cursor
Ctrl + Shift + XOpen the encryption menu for highlighted text
Ctrl + QQuit Evernote
Shift + Alt + NJump to Notebook list
Shift + Alt + TJump to Tag list

Ctrl + F10
Ctrl + F11
Show or hide (toggle on or off):
- Left Panel
- Note List
- Search Explanation
- Note Panel
- Note Info
F7Run spell check on your open note

Set view:
- List view
- Snippet view
- Card view
Ctrl + DOpen the Font dialog
Ctrl + LParagraph align left
Ctrl + RParagraph align right
Ctrl + EParagraph align center
Ctrl + JJustify paragraph
Ctrl + MIncrease indentation
Ctrl + Shift + MDecrease indentation
F9Manually sync with the Evernote cloud
F6Begin a new search
F7Run spell check on your open note
EscClose all notes and minimize Evernote
Ctrl + EnterOpen in a new window
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste as text
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + +Increase font size
Ctrl + -Decrease font size
Ctrl + Shift + BBulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + ONumbered list
Ctrl + BBold
Ctrl + IItalic
Ctrl + UUnderline
Ctrl + TStrikethrough
Ctrl + Shift + HHighlight
Ctrl + Shift + -Insert horizontal rule
Ctrl + KAdd hyperlink
Ctrl + Shift + KEdit hyperlink
Ctrl + Shift + RRemove hyperlink

Evernote’s keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Evernote Shortcuts (Mac)Function
Cmd + NCreate a new note.
Cmd + Shift + NCreate a new synchronized notebook.
Cmd + Ctrl + TCreate a new tag.
Cmd + Alt + NOpen in a new window
Cmd + YQuick look at attachments
Cmd + Ctrl + SManually sync with the Evernote cloud
Cmd + Shift + MMerge highlighted notes
Cmd + WClose Evernote
Cmd + SSave
Cmd + Alt + FSearch all notes
Cmd + :Show spelling and grammar
Cmd + ;Check spelling
Fn (tap twice)Start dictation
Cmd + PPrint
Cmd + FOpen a “Find” box on the open note.
Cmd + GFind Next
Cmd + Shift + GFind Previous.
Cmd + RClear the previous search
Cmd + Shift + FSimplify the formatting in a note
Cmd + Shift + TAdd a checkbox to the note on the line with the cursor
Cmd + Shift + XOpen the encryption menu for highlighted text
Cmd + QQuit Evernote
Cmd + Shift + AShow all notes
Cmd + JJump to Notebook list
Cmd + Shift + JJump to Tag list
Cmd + [Back
Cmd + ]Forward
Cmd + /Copy shared URL to clipboard
Cmd + Ctrl + Alt + CCopy note link
Cmd + LEdit note's title
Cmd + 'Edit notes's tag

Cmd + Shift + S
Cmd + Shift + T
Cmd + Shift + C
Cmd + T
Cmd + Shift + I
Show or hide (toggle on or off):
- Sidebar
- Toolbar
- Color panel
- Font Panel
- Note Info
Cmd + Ctrl + MMove to another notebook
Cmd + Shift + MMerge notes
Cmd + Alt + {Paragraph align left
Cmd + Alt + }Paragraph align right
Cmd + Alt + |Paragraph align center
Cmd + Shift + ]Increase indentation
Cmd + Shift + [Decrease indentation

Cmd + Alt + 0
Cmd + Alt + 1
Cmd + Alt + 2
Cmd + Alt + 3
Cmd + Alt + 4
Cmd + Alt + 5
- Announcement
- Notes
- Notebooks
- Tags
- Atlas
- Market
Cmd + EnterPresentation mode
Cmd + Alt + EnterPresentation mode on another screen
Cmd + ZUndo
Cmd + Shift + ZRedo
Cmd + XCut
Cmd + CCopy
Cmd + VPaste
Cmd + Shift + VPaste as text
Cmd + ASelect all
Cmd + +Increase font size
Cmd + -Decrease font size
Cmd + Shift + UBulleted list
Cmd + Shift + ONumbered list
TabIncrease list level
Shift + TabDecrease list level
Cmd + Shift + LInsert Table
Cmd + BBold
Cmd + IItalic
Cmd + UUnderline
Cmd + Ctrl + KStrikethrough
Cmd + Ctrl + HHighlight
Cmd + Ctrl + +Superscript
Cmd + Ctrl + -Subscript
Cmd + Shift + TInsert To Do
Cmd + Shift + DInsert Date
Cmd + Shift + Alt + DInsert Time
Cmd + Shift + HInsert horizontal rule
Cmd + KAdd hyperlink
Cmd + Shift + KRemove hyperlink

Can’t get enough of these? You can now download the PDF version of this cheatsheet (newsletter subscription required).

Download Evernote Keyboard shortcut cheatsheet here.

Evernote is the kind of app/service that has so many applications that it’s impossible for one individual to tap into all of them, yet it also means that it can be completely adaptable to any one person. These keyboard shortcuts should make it much easier to get around on the improved interface of Evernote to make it even more adaptable and easy to use.

Evernote Keyboard shortcut cheatsheet.

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