The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle

Cryptocurrency can be a difficult concept for many people, especially breaking down and looking at individual concepts within it. If you’re wondering how to make your way through at least one aspect of it, you need The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle. Through four courses you’ll learn to build projects and also about the Blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

The following four courses are included in this bundle.

Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity – This is one of the most in-depth Ethereum development courses you’ll find online, and you’ll get to work with the Ethereum Blockchain by following step-by-step instructions throughout the process.

  • 74 lectures and 7.5 hours of content
  • Get a step-by-step blueprint to use as an Ethereum Blockchain developer
  • Use solidity for hands-on development practice
  • Use core development tools including Mist, Geth, and Ethereum Studio
  • Debug your decentralized application

Blockchain Technology: A Guide to the Blockchain Ecosystem – You’ll have no worries about not understanding the Blockchain ecosystem and its technology when taking this course which is an effective way to examine the complex topics that will take you to a full understanding.

  • 18 lectures and 1 hour of content
  • Walk through the Blockchain technology and ecosystem step by step
  • Learn how smart contracts work in relation to technology
  • Compare the public, consortium, and private Blockchain


Ethereum Developer: Build a Decentralized Blockchain App – This is the one place on the Internet where you can find everything you need to start developing decentralized Blockchain apps.

  • 38 lectures and 3.5 hours of content
  • Discover the basics of Blockchain
  • Learn the basics of Ethereum
  • Examine how to use Solidity 3 and Truffle 2
  • Build a distributed application using Angular

Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real-World Projects – Start your initial coin offering and build a decentralized exchange on the Blockchain in this course with a step-by-step blueprint that will give you everything you need.

  • 142 lectures and 9.5 hours of content
  • Detail all aspects of the Ethereum Blockchain Development Ecosystem
  • Use solidity to create complex decentralized applications
  • Go through a step-by-step process to build and launch your own initial coin offering
  • Create a decentralized exchange and deploy it to Rinkeby-Testnet

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The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle

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