Simplify Your Appliances with Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Plug at Nearly 50% Off

Smart home appliances and devices make our lives so much easier being that we can control everything from one device. It makes many sometimes wish all their appliances could be smart home appliances. There’s good news for these individuals. Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Plug will simplify all their appliances and devices and make them all work off one remote.

No one likes to get up off the couch to turn off the light, turn on the iron to warm it up, turn on the stereo, turn the Christmas lights off, etc. And sometimes these appliances and devices are just hard to reach. Etekcity can change their lives.

You can work your devices and remote control plugs different ways: you can either have several outlets connected to appliances and devices and just one remote, you can have several remotes for just one appliance or device, or any other combination you may devise. It’s up to you!

These plugs and remotes couldn’t be easier to set up. It’s just a matter of connecting the plugs to your appliances and plugging them into the wall, then pressing the learning button to pair it to your appliance or device and the remote.

The strong RF signal will beam right through doors as well as walls and can work as far away as 100 feet in the line of sight, yet it won’t interfere with any of your other electronics.

Save money on electricity bills and save with these remote control plugs that are 44% off for just $21.98.

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