Essential iPhone Apps for the Winter Season

The winter holidays are long gone and CES has just left the building, that leaves tech geeks and other individuals alike feeling a bit dull during this time. The winter season still has a little over two months left to bare through. What better way to get through these harsh months than with the help of your iPhone. Unlike the warm summers and breezy springs, winter offers itself with its own challenges. Today, we’ll take a look at a couple of applications on the App Store that will make this season just a tad bit more easier to get through.

Know The Forecast


The winter season can be pretty predictable in weather patterns. You can bet it’ll either be cold and snowing or just cold that day. However, this winter season has brought many cities in a whirlwind. Some cities are even having warm and cold weather days in the same forecast. This makes it more crucial than ever to know how the weather looks for the coming week.

1. Swackett for iPhone

The weather report may help you to know what the weather is in numbers, but you want to know how this applies to you personally. For example, 55 degrees fahrenheit may be cold to some but just right for others. Swackett helps with this dilemma by allowing you to choose what is considered cold or hot to you and formulating a recommended wardrobe for that day. Is it a pants and long sleeves day or can you bring our the shorts? Swackett is there to tell you that, and more, along with your basic weather report with temperatures.

Swackett for iPhone (iTunes link)

2. Weather+

Some weather report applications give you the hard facts but don’t appeal to you visually, while others may give you all the graphics and action without a usable weather report. Weather+ gives you a beautiful UI along with a powerful weather reporting system. The application gives you the weather report for your chosen city, with amazing graphics, all in the form of a widget similar to that on Android.


3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the most trusted networks offering weather reports and news 24/7. The application is no different. The Weather Channel application allows you to see todays, this hour’s, and this week’s report through reports, graphics, and radars. You can track stores, receive and share breaking news through social networking websites, and post your own weather reports through the application as well.

The Weather Channel

Take a Trip


Whether you’re trying to escape the snow or hit the slopes, winter is a very popular travel time all season. From visiting relatives to relaxing, you may find yourself taking a quick weekend trip while the weather is still cold. There are tons of helpful applications in helping you to get from point-A to point-B.

1. Flight Track Pro

We are a big fan of Flight Track Pro, and other blogs have deemed it a top travel application for the previous year. This application allows you to transfer information to your calendars, share your travel updates, and more. Flight Track Pro allows you to look at maps, see where your plan is, and get updates on delays for your flight. The application covers thousands of airports, allowing you to quickly change flights if needed.

Flight Track Pro

2. Tripit

Tripit allows you to keep all of your trip information well organized in one area. The application takes all of the confirmation email information, and applies it into the application as usable information. You can also share the information with your friends online.


3. Lifttopia

What better way to enjoy the season than by having a weekend ski trip with friends or family? However, for some, after paying for lift fees, equipment, and lodging, this weekend trip can be a bit more expensive than you expect. Liftopia allows you to get the best in skiing deals. In addition, Liftopia is a great skiing essential due to the ability to find out weather reports and resort directions. Allow Liftopia to make your skiing trip fun and affordable.


Get Well Soon


The weather has gotten to you and you’re now sick. While it’s proven that the weather doesn’t have a direct cause of a common cold, there is no doubt that this season unfortunately leaves you sick once or twice before its end.

1. WebMD

You feel under the weather, but not exactly sure what it could be? WebMD for iPhone helps out with this horrible situation. The application contains everything on the website, including the famous symptom checker. Simply enter what’s making you feel bad and the application will give you a list of possible reasons. Received a prescription but what to confirm all the information about it? The application also has a pill identification tool. Rule of thumb: always seek a doctor if symptoms become serious.


2. FluTracker

Not only are you the only one in the house not feeling well, but everyone else is sick as well. This may make you suspect that the flu is rampant in your state. FluTracker allows you to see the activity in your state. You can see if the flu is anything from as little as no activity to widespread flu activity in your state. This can allow you to take precautions if you’re not sick, and to know you’re not alone once you get sick.


3. Medscape

This application that is all about medical facts. Medscape gives you the latest in medical news. It also allows you to identify, price, and find out the interaction of thousands of prescribed drugs. Medscape also allows you to identify diseases and conditions and diseases based on symptoms. The application also provides the prescribed way to treat these conditions. As always, seek a professional opinion when things become serious.


What application do you think will help you get through this season the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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