Erase Your Digital Footprint with One-Year Deal on

The Internet is a vast, wonderful place for gathering information. The drawback is that you leave a little piece of yourself behind on every website you visit, and hackers, sales, and government agencies can gather information about you from those footprints you leave behind. But with a one-year deal on, you can browse anonymously with AES-256 data encryption and SHA-256 hash authentication. You will have control over your entire browsing experience for up to a year, yet will be able to keep the same connection speed you currently enjoy.

  • With just a single click browse anonymously on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Securely access blocked websites anywhere across the globe
  • Share Peer2Peer much more securely
  • Safely and anonymously download and stream content around the world
  • Connect to more than forty servers in thirty countries
  • Use with five connections simultaneously on one account

Get one year of service at 90% off for less than $10.

Bonus: HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display


Our smartphones can give us such wonderful information, even while we’re driving. The problem with this is that if we’re looking down at our phone, such as to look for directions, it can lead to distracted driving. The HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display will put an end to this. It allows you to use any heads-up display (HUD) app on any mobile device in your vehicle. It places a 20% larger image on your windshield, letting you see more clearly your navigation, speedometer, or any other HUD app. This clear picture will be directly in front of you, meaning you can keep your eyes on the road where they belong.

  • Safely see both directions and the road at the same time
  • See more clearly on poor visibility days
  • Compatible with every smartphone and every HUD app
  • Get free promo codes for Hudway’s navigation apps to use with the Glass

Get this glass display for just $49.95.

HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display

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