How to Find and Erase Your Google Assistant Voice Commands

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Google Assistant is there to make your tech life a little easier. Do you want to see what the weather is going to be like for the week? Do you need directions to that great restaurant your friends recommended? Ask Google Assistant, and you shall receive.

Have you ever wondered if all the things you say to Google Assistant are recorded or not? It’s probably doesn’t come as much as of surprise that what you say is saved. By keeping these commands, Google Assistant learns your speech patterns to give you a better experience with it. The good thing is, if you want to erase it, it’s a pretty easy process.

How to Find Your Google Assistant Voice Commands

To find your Google Assistant voice commands, open the Google app and tap on the “More” tab at the bottom. Go to Settings, followed by Google Assistant Settings. Tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right and select “My Activity.”


The following page will show you all your voice commands and the time they were made as well. If you tap on the three dots to the right of each command, you can erase that particular command, or you can get more details.


If, while browsing through your commands, you see one that you would like to use again, just tap on it. You can also find your Google Assistant Commands via the web by going to the My Activity page.


You’ll see a list of your Google activity, and that includes everything you said to Google Assistant. Scroll down until you find something you said, and just like on your Android device, you’ll see the three dots to either delete the commands or get more details.


You’ll also see a Play button so you can hear the command as many times as you want. If you like the sound of your voice, you may very well use this option a lot.

How to Erase Google Assistant Voice Commands by Date Range

If you use voice commands a lot, then finding a particular command can be a tough task. Plus, trying to remember the exact date you used a command can also be time-consuming. Right below the search bar, you’ll find the filter by “Date & product” option.

Click on the dropdown menu that will be set to All-time, and you can choose to filter your search by Yesterday, Last seven days, Last 30 days, and Custom. If you select the custom option, you’ll need to adjust the dates in the Before and After dropdown menus.


When choosing any of the other time frames, there is no need to adjust these options since Google does it for you. The options are easy to understand and pretty straightforward.


As you can see, even the Google Assistant voice commands are saved. If you want a sense of privacy and want to erase them, you know how easy it is to do so. The next time you want to tell Google a bad joke, you may want to think twice about it.

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