How to Enjoy Facebook News Feed Without Any Clutter

lefeed-logoLove Facebook? Hate Apps? Then you belong to the minority who carries out painstaking task to seek the important updates from people who matters only to find the feed cluttered with updates from nonsense apps. While there are choices to mute those app updates one at a time, that seems an impossible task considering the gazillion apps that roll out everyday. If you are looking for a cleaner Facebook, head over to LeFeed. Let’s see how it might help.


Go to LeFeed and sign in with Facebook. As always, it will ask for some permissions. Choose what you want to approve and what not and lastly allows the application to connect with your Facebook account.

As you get into the service, you will land onto the Settings page where you can configure the way you wish to use LeFeed. I would recommend not to change anything as of now. Hit the Save button and move over to the Home screen. Once you figure out how it works, you can always fine tune the performance by going to the Settings menu.

Content Based Feeds

Now as you go to the home screen, there will be five feeds to choose from:


Overview – This is where you see all the updates including the activity (or notification) from your Facebook feed. Good thing is that there will be no app updates.

Recommendation – This is the feed that LeFeed curates for you based on your activity on the app. As time goes by, you will see things relevant or similar to what you have liked earlier on the feed overview.

Link – This one accumulates the links posted on Facebook by people you befriended (or subscribed) and pages you have liked.

Photo – It fetches the photos from your Facebook news feed, a good way to scan through them if you are particularly interested with photos.

Status – The plain text updates from your Facebook friends are shown here.

Video – The videos that were posted on Facebook by your contacts are listed here.

The Plus and Minus button:


This is something that makes the app better understand about what you like and what you detest. Use the “+” on anything you like and minus on anything you choose to avoid. With time, the app will learn and henceforth filter your feed and only show items you like. Based on your interests, the app will also recommend you newer items from Facebook that you would have not otherwise discover on Facebook.

Now if you choose to mute any of the above feeds, go to the Settings option and uncheck the option. You can also setup the app to Like items on Facebook on your behalf once you hit the + button for them.


I’m thankful to the lists in Twitter and with Facebook, I am more used to the Interest lists these days. It serves me great finding what people who share my interest shares. Lately it has helped me discover great stuff without the annoyance of the app updates. However, I had definitely missed out on some bland buddies (who mostly uses Facebook for apps) whom I adore otherwise. With LeFeed, I can now choose to see what they share other than those crappy app notes. Also it does help me find people who shares an interest or two with me. Although you will need to give the app some time until it starts understanding your taste and cater content you admire.

Soumen Halder

Soumen is the founder/author for Ampercent, a tech blog that writes on computer tricks, free online tools & software guides.

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