Enhance the Windows Clipboard with ClipJump

If Microsoft invested even a fraction of the amount of time it does on Windows 8, the Windows clipboard could be something revolutionary in the computer world. Instead, the Windows clipboard is a dull, barely functional tool for the majority of Windows users. ClipJump is a supercharged Windows Clipboard add-on that helps make it different.

What Makes ClipJump Different

There are a lot of clipboard managers out there that attempt to make the Windows clipboard even better but fail to live up to the market.  I’ve been using ClipJump for almost a year now, and I have found that the clipboard channels make all the difference for me.  If I’m working on different projects and need to save things in a specific way, being able to switch between clipboards makes it that much easier to find the information I need.  Couple the different clipboards with a history of what I’ve copied, I’ve never had an issue finding what I need to when I need it.  Let’s show you what makes ClipJump different.

How to Get Started with ClipJump

1. Download ClipJump from its developer’s blog.

2. Once downloaded, you’ll need to unzip the archive and move it to a location you see fit.

3. Create a shortcut for ClipJump for easy access.

4. Double-click the ClipJump shortcut to get started using it in Windows.

5. It’s possible Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will flag starting ClipJump. If so, click “More Info” and then “Run anyway” to proceed.


A pop-up will appear asking if you want to see ClipJump’s Help files.


We recommend all new users do so, there’s plenty more to ClipJump than meets the eye. Click “Yes.”

6. Depending on your security settings, you may see a UAC prompt. If so, click “Yes” to continue.


If you are running ClipJump on a non-Administrator Windows account, you’ll be warned.


It’s best to run ClipJump as an Administrator for maximum effect.

When you have a chance, go through the ClipJump Help. It’s a powerful resource for getting to know how the program works even better.

A notification balloon will appear in the toolbar letting you know ClipJump is activated and in use. You can access ClipJump from the toolbar at any time.


ClipJump has several settings that can make using it more efficient for users, including the ability to customize the keyboard shortcuts to use for your clipboard. You’ll also be able to set how long ClipJump’s clipboards keep their history. Depending on your disk space, this can be one of the more useful options for ClipJump.

Clipboard Channels and History


ClipJump allows you to create multiple clipboards and switch to them as necessary. This is an amazing way to keep certain information separate for use later. You can create several clipboards depending on the size of your drive, and use them as you see fit.


ClipJump’s history goes back only as far as you limit it in the settings. This is a way to keep everything you’ve ever copied handy for use at a later time or just for remembering something you found on the Web that you forgot about. ClipJump’s history also allows you to preview, paste and work with anything you have saved in a clipboard. This means if you accidentally copied additional information down the line, you can go back and recover what you’ve saved in its history.

Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode, available from the toolbar icon, allows you to turn off ClipJump but still have access to your clipboard history. This allows you to copy and paste items without saving them to ClipJump for whatever reason you may have


There is so much more to ClipJump than what we’ve shown you how to do in this guide. We encourage you to check out ClipJump’s official blog, read through the in-depth tutorials there as well as tinker with ClipJump yourself. If you ever wanted a powerful Windows clipboard, ClipJump is one of the best solutions for getting the job done when using the Windows clipboard.

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Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp

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