Do You Encrypt Your Smartphone?

Much has been said about encrypting your computer and the importance of it, but what about your smartphone? In many cases our smartphones never leave our sides, meaning they carry many different important items. Is it worth it to encrypt your smartphone?

Think of all the important information your smartphone is carrying. It holds the contact information for all your friends and family. It holds text messages and emails between you and those same parties. It holds passwords for all your apps as well as any website you’ve accessed on your phone. Many also do banking on phones meaning you have all your financial information behind held. Of course this is in addition to sensitive documents that are stored or emailed. It’s easy enough to encrypt a smartphone but can take awhile depending on how much is being stored on the device. Nevertheless, most phones have encryption built in. You just have to take advantage of it, yet many people don’t.

What does it depend on? Do you need to have enough sensitive information being stored to make it worth your while? Or do you keep your phone so close at hand at all times that it doesn’t really matter?

Do you encrypt your smartphone?

Image Credit: Orangcertmeoasi via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Not enough options. I would’ve voted for “No, because it made my midranger slower than molasses”. I’ve been encrypting my laptops and desktops ever since Truecrypt 4.0 came out. Wish I could also encrypt my phone and still be usable. Sigh….

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