How to Enable Quick Removal of USB Drives on Windows

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If the majority of Windows users are honest, they will admit that they have removed their USB drives without doing it “safely.” Now,Windows supports two different methods of removing USB drives from the computer – Quick Removal and Better Performance.

Quick Removal

Quick Removal allows you to take the USB drive out of the port safely whenever data is not transmitting between the device and your computer. With the feature enabled, the computer will keep all other background processes from running when those transmissions are not running. This makes it safe for you to remove the drive at any time without using the once-required process of ejecting it safely.

Usb Quick Removal Computer Drives

Better Performance

The Better Performance option for removing USB drives is the classic process that Microsoft has recommended in the past. Before actually pulling the drive from the USB port, you need to go through the steps to remove it safely.

When you use the Better Performance policy, the computer will function at a higher level when you are working with the files on the USB drive. However, if you don’t use the correct process to remove the drive, you run the risk of the data on the drive becoming corrupted and unusable.

USB Removal Settings

Starting with the latest Windows update, version 1809, the default process for taking the drive out of the port is “Quick Removal.” However, you shouldn’t assume you can just pull out your USB drives without using the process to remove it safely. You need to check to make sure you have the latest Windows update.

If you have not updated your Windows,because you are afraid that it might break your PC, the following shows how to change the default removal policy for USB devices.

To change the default actions for your device:

1. Plug in the USB device.

2. Identify the drive letter for your device (D:, G:, H:, etc.)

Usb Quick Removal Drive Letter

3. Press Win + X together.

4. Click on Disk Management.

Usb Quick Removal Windows X Menu

5. In the lower corner of the Disk Management window, right-click the device and choose Properties.

Usb Quick Removal Disk Properties

6. Click the radio button next to “Quick removal.” Alternatively, you can select “Better performance” and then tick the box next to “Enable write caching” on this device, if you prefer it to run faster.

Usb Quick Removal Policies

7. Click OK.

If you have been one of those Windows users who likes to live on the wild side when it comes to removing your USB drives, the new default option of Quick Removal will make it less likely that you will lose your data. But if you prefer, you can change your options to keep the traditional method and keep your performance at an optimum level. You now get to choose the way that is best for you.

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