How to Enable Two-Step Verification for LinkedIn

In the past few months, Microsoft and Twitter both released the much-awaited two-step verification for its user-base. It adds an extra layer of protection to your online accounts by asking users to provide additional security codes after your password. The security codes can either be sent to your local mobile number as SMS or it can be generated by apps such as Google Authenticator.

Recently, LinkedIn also introduced two-step verification to protect users’ privacy and data. If you are having trouble enabling it for your account, follow these simple steps.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification for LinkedIn

1. Sign in to your Linkedin account and hover your mouse over your name. It will open the account and settings popup. Click on Review right next to Privacy and Settings.


2. Click on Account in the sidebar and go to Manage Security settings.


3. It will show you all the security measures you can enable such as secure connection and two-step verification. Click on “Turn on” under two-step verification.


4. From there, just select your country of residence and add your mobile phone number. The security codes will be sent to this mobile number. Click on Send Code button after you are done.


5. It will ask you to verify by sending you a verification code on your mobile. Just enter it in the field provided to enable two-step verification for your account.


6. From here on, whenever you log in from any unrecognized device, it will ask you to provide the security codes.


Apart from sending you the verification code, LinkedIn also sends an email when an attempt is made to log in from any unrecognized device.

Is it Really Necessary?

Privacy is one thing which I take very seriously and you should too. It is highly recommended that you enable two-step verification on any service you use (if it’s supported). All the popular online services including Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook and a few others have enabled this feature.

Currently, you cannot use the Google Authenticator to generate security codes for LinkedIn, but I hope that they will release the support for it soon.


Hammad is a Business student and computer geek who cover latest technology news and reviews at AppsDaily. Apart from that, I like to review web services and softwares which can be helpful for the readers.

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