How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Instagram on Android

All the major social networks on the Internet have already had two-factor authentication enabled for their user accounts for quite a while now. Instagram has also recently joined the club. They recently updated their mobile apps with the two-factor authentication feature. This guide will show you how to enable this feature on your Android smartphone and operate it if you’ve never used it before.

How to Set Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

First, make sure you have updated the app from the Play Store. Search for “Instagram” in the Play Store, and hit the Update button (if it is available).

1. Open Instagram and tap on the profile icon to open your profile.

2. Open the Settings by tapping on the three dots in the top-right corner.

3. In the Settings panel you should now see a new option for “Two-factor authentication” under the Account section. Tap on it, and on the next screen tap on the Toggle button next to “Require Security Code” to enable the feature. Tap on “Turn on” when prompted to turn on the feature.


4. On the next screen you will be asked to enter a six-digit code that will be sent to your phone number. You must add your active phone number in the Settings to be able to receive the code. Instagram will send the code to verify your number. You can even change the number for receiving the code by tapping on “Change it” at the end.


5. After your phone number is verified, Instagram will give you some backup codes. These backup codes can be used in cases when you don’t receive the six-digit code on your phone or you are unable to access it for some reason during login authentication. An automatic screenshot of the codes will be taken and saved to your gallery. You can even copy and save it somewhere else. Make sure no one else gets access to these codes. These are just for emergency situations.


The security feature is all set. Two-factor authentication has been enabled for your Instagram account. Next time you log in you will be asked for a six-digit code after you enter the correct password. If you are unable to access the code on your phone, you can make use of the backup codes.


Instagram also has a security feature for if it finds a login from a suspicious location – it will force you to reset your password the next time you open the app. However, two-factor authentication offers an additional layer of security, and it is recommended that you enable it right away. Make use of it and prevent your precious memories from falling into the wrong hands.

Abhishek Macwan
Abhishek Macwan

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