How to Enable Sidebar Search for Major Search Engines

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When browsing through any webpage, we often see unknown keywords and quickly search for them on Google and other popular sites. Such an action is triggered by a right-click on chosen keywords, and going to the desired search engine, typically on a new tab. Wouldn’t it save effort and time to tabulate the search engine results on the same page? Here we show you the easiest ways to run sidebar search for Google, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Twitter. All these methods are browser-specific.

1. Google

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox users can easily add Google search to their browser using an extension called Sidebar for Google Search. Its UI is uncluttered, and the Google search is activated on a side panel by simply toggling the extension “on.” The extension offers a complete set of Google search features on the side panel, including News, Images, and Videos.

The best part is that you can close the sidebar from the same toggle button, which means the extension won’t interfere with your browsing experience.

Sidebar Search Google Firefox

You can easily move the Google search sidebar to the right or left according to your preference.

Sidebar Search Google Firefox Features


Google did used to have a right-sidebar snippet for its search results on Chrome but have now been migrated into the main results column. Therefore, no sidebar search option is available at the moment. But if you’re using either the Chrome or Edge browser and have set Google as the default search engine, simply right-click the keywords and open the search result in a new tab.

Sidebar Search Google Chrome Edge

2. Bing


Bing is currently the only search engine with a built-in feature that allows sidebar search, but this technique will only work with the Microsoft Edge browser. It doesn’t matter if you set Google as your default search engine on Edge.

To enable sidebar search on Bing for the Edge browser, right-click the selected keywords and choose the option “Search Bing in sidebar.”

Sidebar Search Bing Edge

A new sidebar panel will open, and you can browse all the Bing search results, including images and videos, without leaving the webpage. To have a better preview, click “Open in new tab.”

Sidebar Search Bing Sideresults

3. YouTube


Similar to Google, Firefox users can add YouTube search to the sidebar using an extension called Sidebar for YouTube. You can sign in to your YouTube account for customized recommendations without leaving the browser tab.

Sidebar Search Firefox Youtube


If you’re an Edge user, you can search for YouTube videos related to any selected keywords using its built-in Bing sidebar search feature. Even if Google is your default search engine on Edge, this option is visible. Navigate to the “Videos” tab to get YouTube previews related to the keywords.

Sidebar Search Edge Youtube

4. Wikipedia


Like the previous search engines, Firefox has an extension called Wikipedia Sidebar to fetch Wikipedia entries for your choice of search terms.

Sidebar Search Firefox Wikipedia


Chrome/Edge users don’t have access to any sidebar for Wikipedia search, but they can use an extension called Wikipedia search to add Wikipedia search capabilities. Once the extension is added to your Chrome or Edge browsers, right-click any selected keywords and choose “Search Wikipedia for.”

Sidebar Search Wikpedia Chrome Edge

5. Twitter


Do you want to search your entire Twitter feed for a selected username without opening a new tab? The relevant extension is called Twitter sidebar. Once added, you can toggle it “on” so the Twitter feed is visible on the side panel.

Sidebar Search Twitter Firefox


While technically not a sidebar search, Chrome/Edge users can also view the entire Twitter feed without opening a new tab. For this, you must add a search engine extension called Omnibox Twitter. Simply type “@” in the Edge/Chrome Omnibox followed by the Twitterati’s name. This will open a new Twitter feed, if available.

Sidebar Search Twitter Chrome

Now that we’ve learned how to use sidebars for your favorite search engines and websites, you may want to look for techniques for using Google search as a power user. Are you looking for the best search engines for privacy? We have you covered.

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