Snippet: Enable Google Instant In Google Chrome Omnibar (Windows Only)

Google recently release Google Instant, a new feature that enables you to perform real-time search. If you are using Google Chrome and is planning to integrate the Google Instant functionality to the search bar (aka omnibar), here is the way to do it.

Note: The below method is currently available for Windows only. Mac and Linux version are not supported at the moment.

1. Download and install Google Chrome dev channel. If you have previously pin the Chrome icon to your taskbar, unpin it.

2. Go to “Start -> All Programs -> Google Chrome“. Right click on the Google Chrome entry and select Properties.


3. Enter “--enable-match-preview” at the end of the shortcut target. Click Ok.


4. Launch Google Chrome from the Start menu. The real time search preview page should appear once you start typing at the omnibar.


That’s it.

Image credit: smemon87

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