How to Enable God Mode on Windows 10

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When you first heard that there was a “God Mode” in Windows 10, you may have thought that it would allow you to do just about anything. With such a name, why wouldn’t you be able to, right? The option may or may not let you down when it comes to what it can do, but it will give you access to various options you would typically look for in two different places.

What Is God Mode in Windows?

Before you get too excited about what you can do with God Mode, you should know that it won’t allow you to do miracles. God Mode in Windows is a folder you need to enable that will give you access to the majority of the administration, settings, management, and Control Panel options in Windows.

You may prefer God Mode since it offers a more natural way to look through 206 tools you might typically have a difficult time with. It is not mandatory that you name this folder God Mode, it’s just the name it has picked up over time. Giving it a different name won’t affect what this folder has to offer.

How to Enable God Mode in Windows 10

To enable God Mode in Windows 10, you need to use an account with administrative privileges. If you’re already on such account, go to your Desktop and right-click anywhere that doesn’t have a folder. When the options appear, choose New.

God Folder

When the new folder shows up, rename it to:


As I mentioned before, you can give this folder another name. To change the name, modify where it says “GodMode” with whatever you want to add, but be careful not to erase the period accidentally. You have to give the folder a name – if you don’t, you will get an error message.

If the steps are done correctly, the folder icon will turn into the Control Panel icon. If the icon does not appear where you named the folder, try looking for it with the other desktop icons. When you click on the Control Panel icon you should be looking at the following image.

God Options

What Windows 10 God Mode Can and Can’t Do

I’m sorry to let you down, but God Mode will not give you special hacking skills. Some of the options you will find in it are also accessible through your computer’s settings.

For example, God Mode will give you access to Windows Update and touchscreen-specific settings. If what you want to do is access those options, there is no need to enable God Mode since those options are easily accessible through your computer’s settings.

What God Mode can offer you is all the settings you would find in Settings, lost settings, and Control Panel all in one place. This is useful since you won’t have to switch between one option and the other.

You will have access to forty distinct sets of controls, but the options are going to depend on the version of Windows 10 that you have. Whether it’s Pro or Home. God Mode makes looking for an option a lot easier since they are divided into distinct categories such as Display, Administrative, and more.


As you can see, God Mode is probably not what you expected, but it is a useful option to enable. It makes accessing various options more comfortable. Is God Mode what you thought it would be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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