How To Enable Emoji Icons On Your iPhone For Free

Unless you are having a Japanese iPhone, chances are your iPhone does not come with the attractive and interesting Emoji icons. Like any other Emoticons on mobile, the Emoji iconset allows you to insert smily faces and many other icons in your notes, sms and any other text entries.

If you are affected by the fact that your iPhone does not has the emoji function, don’t worry, here is a simple trick that you can use to activate the emoji iconset in your iPhone.

Go to the AppStore in your iPhone.

Tap on the Search and type in “spell number

search for spell number in the appstore

Install the application

install spell number

From your Home screen, open the Spell Number application and  key in 9876543.21 (including the decimal point)

spell number easter egg

Exit the application.

Go to Settings. Navigate to General -> Keyboard -> International Keyboards.

Scroll down to Japanese. Tap on it.

Swipe the Emoji option to ON.


Back to your Home screen, turn on your Notepad (or any other application that requires keyboard) and create a new note. On the keyboard, you should see a globe beside the Space button. Tap on it and it will display the Emoji iconset.





I am not sure how long will Spell Number stays free. In the event that it charges you for the download, there is another way that you can activate the Emoji icon for free, but it requires you to jailbreak your iPhone.

Jailbreak your iPhone.

– Load Cydia. Tap on the Section. Navigate to Tweak -> Emoji.

– Install it.

You can now activate the Emoji icon via the Settings page.

The above tricks will work for iPod Touch as well.

What other iPhone tricks do you want us to cover? Tell us in the comment.


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