How to Enable Developer Options in Android 4.2 [Quick Tips]

If you are one of the few lucky people to receive the Android 4.2 OTA update, you will notice that the “Developer Options” is no longer available in the Settings. In most cases, it shouldn’t matter to you, but if you are a developer, or there are some functions in the Developer options that you need to access, here is how you can restore the Developer Options in Android 4.2.

The fact is that the “Developer Options” is not removed from Android 4.2, it is just hidden. All you have to do is perform the trick below to get it appear.

1. In your phone, go to the Settings.

2. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and select the “About Phone” option.


3. At the end of the list where you see the “Build Number” option, tap on it for 7 times continuously.


That’s it. You have successfully activated the Developer Options.