How to Enable Dark Mode in iOS 13

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iOS 13 is finally here, and it brings a plethora of updates to Apple’s famous mobile operating system. Out of all the new features offered with the update, one of the most awaited is “Dark Mode,” which won over a lot of users when it was initially introduced on macOS and re-skins the entire operating system to a dark greyish tone.

There was nothing wrong with the original lighter mode, but it could sometimes be a bit harsh on the eyes, especially when using your iPhone right after waking up. In Dark Mode on iOS 13, everything from the Notification Centre to the Settings’ menus has been rebranded in the darker tone, which makes for a very interesting look.

While installing iOS 13, you’ll get the option to choose between the standard Light Mode and Dark Mode while setting up your iPhone. If you initially choose not to enable it and change your mind later, you can enable Dark Mode from the Settings app. We’ll show you how in this tutorial.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Select “Display & Brightness.”

Enable Dark Mode Ios Settings

3. From the top menu, choose between Light Mode and Dark Mode.

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If you’d like your iPhone to automatically switch between Light mode and Dark Mode, you can choose to enable the Automatic toggle. Doing so will give you two options, to either keep Dark Mode on from “Sunset to Sunrise”, or for you to define a custom schedule for Dark Mode to be enabled.

Enable Dark Mode Ios Schedule

Based on your personal preference, you can choose a certain time period where you’d like your iPhone to switch to Dark Mode, while it’ll be in Light Mode the rest of the time. Pretty neat, right?

Another quick shortcut for enabling/disabling Dark Mode is long-pressing the Brightness indicator in the Control Panel. This will bring up the option to instantly enable / disable Dark Mode on iOS.

Enable Dark Mode Ios Control Centre

Third-party apps can also support Dark Mode and offer a darker appearance, provided the developers update the app for iOS 13. A lot of mainstream apps have already been updated, with more being updated every day. Make sure you have all the latest app updates installed on your iPhone to take full advantage of Dark Mode.

To do so, open the App Store and tap your Account icon on the top right. Scroll down to “Upcoming Automatic Updates.” From here, tap on “Update All” to download and install all available updates for your installed apps.

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