How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome for Android

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With every update that comes with Chrome, you either get bug fixes or options you’ve long been waiting for. With Chrome 74, Google brings you dark mode that will give you a break from the traditional all-white look.

To enjoy Chrome’s Dark Mode for Android, you’ll need to have Chrome up to date. Once you have it activated, you might never go back to the traditional white look on Chrome.

How to Update Google Chrome on Android

If you’re not sure what version of Chrome you have, you can check by going to Settings. Then go to “Applications -> Application manager” and tap on Chrome. The version of Chrome you have should be towards the top.

Dark 74

If you don’t have Chrome 74 or higher, check to see if you have any updates pending. Open Google Play, and tap on the hamburger icon. When the side menu pops up, select “My apps & games,” and the next page will be the updates tab. If Chrome needs an update, you will see the app on the updates list with the Update option to the right.

How to Turn on Dark Mode in Chrome for Android

To enable dark mode for Chrome, open the app, and in the address bar type chrome://flags. In the flags search bar type chrome UI dark mode. When it appears, it will be highlighted in yellow.

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You should see a drop-down menu below the option. Tap on it to see three options when it opens: Default, Enabled, and Disabled. Select the Enabled option. When you see the Relaunch now button, tap on it.

The story doesn’t end there since it’s still necessary to turn on dark mode for the app. Once again, open Chrome but without typing anything in the address bar. Tap on the three dots at the top right and choose Settings.

If the first time you do this you see Dark Mode, tap on it and toggle it on. If you don’t see it, close Chrome and go back to settings as many times as you need to until the option appears. During testing it had to be opened and closed four times before the dark mode option appeared.

Dark Settings

This isn’t a finished product yet, so don’t be surprised if you run into some bugs. I’ve been using it for several days, and everything is working just fine, but you never know. Dark mode darkens the tab switcher, the new tab,  and different menus within the browser.

If at any time you come across bugs that are too annoying, you can always turn the dark mode off by following the same steps you followed to turn it on, but turning it off instead.


Previously, you didn’t have much choice but to have to deal with the traditional white background on Chrome. Thanks to the dark mode that you can now enable on Chrome for Android, you can finally enjoy a different look without having to install a third-party app or have to do anything more complicated. What are your thoughts on dark mode?

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