How to Embed A Survey Form in Email And Receive Higher Completion Rate [Google Forms]

At some point we have all been sent an email request to fill out a survey regarding the services of a company or organisation. You may have wondered how you could create a survey form yourself to poll your clients or friends. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to create forms and for the results to be instantly accessible from anywhere? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could embed Survey Forms in email so that the recipients would never have to leave the email to fill out the form? The rate of completion would be significantly higher if this were the case as people are time-poor and often cannot be bothered.

Thankfully Google has delivered such a solution – Google Forms. It allows you to create and send surveys embedded within an email. The recipient is able to fill out the form within the email if they have Gmail or Google Apps. If they don’t, there is a link at the start of the email that will take them to a site to complete the form. The whole process of embedding Google Forms in email is relatively simple to complete as this article will show.

1. From your Gmail account, navigate to Google Drive and click “Create -> Form”.


2. Complete the necessary questions for your survey (as shown below) and click Done.


3. When the “send the form to others” dialog box pops up, enter in the relevant email address you want to send the form to and ensure the “Include form in this email is ticked”. When you’re sure all the details are correct, click “Send”.


4. When the client receives the email, they will see the survey embedded in the email and will be allowed to answer it directly instead of using the link. As shown in the example below, the recipient chooses the appropriate radio buttons and clicks Submit.


5. When the Submit button is clicked, a message box pops up stating that the recipient is submitting the information to an external website. They will need to click OK to continue.


6. A new tab opens (within the relevant browser) indicating the survey has been submitted.


7. To ensure that the response was successfully received, navigate to the form in Google Drive and open up the survey form. The results should be recorded as shown below.


As previously stated, Google forms cannot be filled out within an email unless the recipient is using Gmail or Google Apps. This means that if the form is sent to emails such as Outlook or Yahoo, there is no option available to submit the survey directly within the email. Instead, the user has to click on the external link to access the survey page. An example from the form received in the Outlook web app email account is shown below.


Google forms provides an easy and straightforward way to integrate a survey into an email, and should result in higher numbers of people completing your surveys. Unfortunately the limitation is that these integrating surveys only work in Gmail / Google Apps, and this is one thing that Google can’t control. If you come across any other method to embed survey form in email, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Image credit: Customer Service Survey by BigStockPhoto