Email Large Files Securely With Securely Send

If you work in a web environment, you are likely to be familiar with torrent files and other file sharing sites. When you need to send a file larger than is allowed by most email providers, you need alternatives; of which there are many.

When dealing with someone who is tech savvy, it is easy enough to send them a torrent file or use a public file sharing site. However, if you need to keep your email more private or are dealing with someone who isn’t as savvy as you, emailing large files can be a problem. Securely Send is an easy to use solution for sending large files via email.

If you have ever used a file sharing service, you know they can be a little spammy looking. That is one of the areas Securely Send excels over others. I would feel comfortable sending even the least tech savvy people I know a file through Securely Send.

Sending a file

To start, you need to fill in your email address, then the receiving email address. You can send the file to multiple people if you separate the addresses with a comma.


The next window will ask you to create a password for your free account. The free account lets you send 3 files up to 200MB per month.


Add a subject and a message and press Next. If you do not fill in anything here, a default message and subject will be inserted.


Press the Select File button. A window will pop up where you will need to find the file you want to send. Double click the file to add. To add more than one file, hold Ctrl and click on each file then click Open.


Once you select the file or files you would like to send, click Upload. Depending on the size of the file(s), the uploading process may take a bit to complete.


The final screen will show you a message telling you the file will be stored for 10 days and a link to the page to download the file.


Possible uses

Even though 200MB doesn’t seem like a lot of space, keep in mind an average MP3 is around 2-5MB. This is large enough to send a short video.

I did some looking to see what the size of some files I had on my computer were that I may need to send someone. Here is what I found:

  • HTC Desire Froyo Update for US Cellular – 171MB


  • A folder with 58 high resolution pictures – 65MB
  • A few podcasts – 20MB average
  • A folder with 15 different WordPress themes to look at. – 186MB

Each and every one of these files or folders may need to be emailed at some time, yet will not send using standard email. If you are using a service like Gmail, you have around a 20MB limit.


When I have used other services, they seemed to be littered with ads and buttons everywhere. It is hard to find the actual download button a lot of the time. For Securely Send, both the sending side and the receiving email and download page are very clean and easy to navigate.


The upload and download speeds were great. Like I mentioned earlier, I would definitely  recommend Securely Send if you need to send a large file to someone who isn’t very techy.

If your method of sending large files is easier, tell us in the comments.