The 4 Best Email Clients for Linux

For as old as it is, email is still really important for day-to-day business. In fact, for as far as social networking has gone, none of it has managed to dethrone emailing as the preferred way of professional communication.

So, you need an email client for Linux. There are many – aybe too many, honestly. It’s because of this that we’ve made it easier for you to decide. What are the four best options for email clients on Linux?

Thunderbird for Linux

When it comes to emailing on Linux (as well as Windows and Mac even), Mozilla Thunderbird is the program that we all think of. It’s at the top of this list for a reason. It has the most features over any other email client that you could possibly get your hands on.

It’s created by the people who work on Firefox, so you know it’s a solid program. What’s even better is that Thunderbird (like Firefox) can use extensions and themes. If you’re looking for an email client that can do it all, consider this one.

Claws Mail for Linux

Claws Mail is a really great email client currently available for Linux. Like all email programs, CM has an easy account setup process, and support for RSS and templates. When it comes down to it, this program doesn’t have a massive amount of features if you were to compare it to some of the other email clients on this list, but it’s still great for general purpose email-related activities. Do yourself a favor and check out Claws Mail.

KMail for Linux

KMail is a Qt-based email client specifically created for the KDE desktop environment. Much like the KDE desktop itself, KMail is filled with options and features to mess around with (virus and spam filters, integration with Kontact, etc.). This program is ideal for those looking for a Qt-based email client.

Evolution for Linux

Evolution is an email client created by the Gnome project. Like all modern email clients, it supports many different messaging protocols and features. Since this program is part of the Gnome project, it sports a minimalist GTK+3 layout. It’s functional and clean but not very customization friendly. If you’re just looking for a basic email client with no frills, Evolution is the way to go.

Every day it seems like people are starting to lose favor with email. Less and less people see it as a work or personal tool for messaging and see it as more of a burden. I can see why people think that: a lot of email solutions are online, with clunky and often slow interfaces. It’s no wonder a lot of people would prefer a Facebook or Twitter message to checking email.

If you’re on Linux and are falling out of favor with email, try out one of these applications on the list. I can’t promise that you’ll fall in love with emailing, but I will say that you might find yourself hating the checking of and responding to emails a little less.

Email has been around for a very long time and doesn’t plan on going away any time soon. As a Linux user, you owe it to yourself to at least find an emailing client you like using. The four on this list are a great start.