Elecjet Apollo Traveller Power Bank Has the Fastest Recharge Time


A power bank is useful when your device is running out of battery and you can’t find a power outlet nearby. Elecjet Apollo Traveller is a power bank built with portability in mind. It is slim, lightweight, and the best thing of all, it can fully recharge itself in just eighteen minutes.

The Apollo Traveller power bank is the first power bank to make use of a graphene-compsite battery, and this allows it to store a high charge quickly without damaging the battery. We have predicted that graphene batteries could replace Lithium-ion batteriesĀ back in 2018, but it is only now that we started to see graphene used in batteries. Coupled with a 60W power source, it can fully charge itself from 0 to 100% in just eighteen minutes.


We tested the recharging feature with a 45W source, and it was fully charged in twenty-eight minutes, so the eighteen minutes @ 60W claim is pretty accurate. Nevertheless, we were impressed with the fast recharging speed, considering it took seven to eight hours to fully charge the Anker power bank.

The Apollo Traveller only holds a capacity of 5000mAh and comes with a USB-C (PD) and USB-A port that can output up to 45W and 18W respectively. It is slightly smaller than a typical 6-inch smartphone, but a few millimeters thicker. It is also about the weight of a normal smartphone, so you can easily carry it in your pocket.


To test the charging, we tested it with a OnePlus 5T, Huawei P10 and an iPhone. Other than OnePlus 5T, it is able to charge the other phones at top speed. The reason why the quick charge doesn’t work with OnePlus 5T is mainly a phone issue rather than an issue with the power bank: OnePlus 5T only supports quick charge when using its proprietary charger.


There are four LED lights beside the charging port. Each light corresponds to 25% of the remaining charge. There is a button at the side that reveals the amount of battery left when you press it.

Another thing that amazes me is how cool it is during charging and recharging. You can probably charge the phone in your pocket and not experience any feeling of heat at all. The only time it started to feel warm was during pass-through mode where you are charging the power bank which in turn charges the phone.


The Apollo Traveller power bank doesn’t come with a big capacity, so it probably won’t last for more than two charging cycles. However, its ultra fast recharge time can easily compensate for that. Coupled with a slim, lightweight and pocket-friendly design, the Apollo Traveller is one gadget that you will be happy to bring along on your trip.

The Elecjet Apollo Traveller power bank is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $59 and is expected to ship in April 2019. The final retail price is around $79. You might also need a 60W power adapter to have it recharge at the fastest possible time.


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