Is There a CD/DVD Stuck in Your Mac? Here’s How to Eject It

There’s nothing worse than trying to eject a CD or DVD from your Mac, only to get a big surprise: it won’t come out. It’s extremely frustrating to have a CD/DVD stuck anywhere, especially your computer.

If this has happened to you, here’s quick method to help force it out.

1. Open Terminal.

2. Enter the one Terminal command below that applies to you and press enter.

For single optical drives:

For internal optical drives:

For external optical drives:

Enter this simple command in terminal to eject a stuck CD/DVD.

3. Your CD or DVD should be ejected.

4. Quit Terminal.

Note: If the above method does not work, here are some other solutions to help force out a CD/DVD that is stuck in your Mac.

Image Credit: splorp