Eject CDs and DVDs from Your Mac with this Menu Bar Button

Eject CDs and DVDs from Your Mac with this Menu Bar Button

If you’re one who often uses CDs or DVDs on your Mac, you may be looking for a more convenient way to eject them once you’re done.

There are already a few ways to eject CDs/DVDs from your Mac such as: dragging the item’s icon on your desktop to the trash, using the eject button on your keyboard or clicking on eject in Finder.

Here’s yet another easy way to eject CDs/DVDs from the menu bar.

1. Go to Finder and from the “Go” menu, select the “Go to Folder…” option (or just press “Shift + Command + G” in Finder).

Select the 'Go to Folder' option in the Go menu in Finder.

2. In the “Go to the folder:” prompt, copy and paste this line and then click “Go” (or press enter):

/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/

Type this line into the 'Go to the folder' prompt.

3. The Menu Extras folder will display in Finder. Look for the “Eject.menu” option and double click on it.

Double click the Eject.menu option.

You should now see an eject button on your menu bar. To eject an item, simply click on the eject button and select it from the list.

via Mac Tricks and Tips

Image Credit: splorp

Charnita Fance
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