Effective Tricks to Score The Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is a shopping tradition within the United States where stores will have major price cuts on many items, particularly electronics, common holiday gifts, and more either overnight on Thanksgiving or pre-dawn the next morning. The key to success on this shopping holiday is thorough planning and execution of those plans. However, in the frenzy of things, many important plans can get lost and you’ll find yourself impulse buying. Today, we will take a look at how save yourself from these costly mistakes on Black Friday.

Do up your purchase list

Before Black Friday, possibly a couple of days before you are distracted by Thanksgiving cooking and preparations, it’s key to sit down and jot down in Notes a couple of things. Having a strong hold on who you’ll give what to can greatly prevent overspending.

make a note of the measurement

If you are buying big electronic items such as plasma TV, computer etc, do also make a note of the measurement of your existing space. Measure how large that TV stand is, or the computer table. Chances are, if you purchase too large of a television, you’ll either find yourself wanting to go out to purchase a new stand, or it’ll just be a television sitting there gathering dust. Just make rough measurements, and if you need conversions, Siri is there to help!

Finding the deals

It defies the purpose of shopping holiday if you can’t find a good deal anywhere. Application such as FatWallet can help you find the products you want and the stores that are selling at the lowest price.

Put Passbook to Good Use

iOS Passbook app

A week before Black Friday, look around your wallet or around the house for gift cards. Check their balance, if they have something on it, and add it to Passbook. I personally found a Starbucks gift card I almost forgot about. This will go into great use for a small Black Friday morning pick-me-up before hitting the stores.

Gyft giftcard

If you want a program that focuses a bit more on the gift giving value of gift cards, Gyft may be your dream come true. The application allows you to add your own gift cards, those you purchase in store, and those purchased in app. Either one, even the ones added from your wallet, can go into your Gyft virtual wallet and even re-gifted through email, text message, or social media websites.

Have Your Proof Ready

Many stores are offering amazing deals that draw the masses to come to their store on Black Friday. However, these deals can sometimes be too good to be true. Plus, due to the hectic-ness of the day, some clerks may not be well informed on the deals to begin with. This is why it’s crucial to have something to back up your claims. At the very least, that can allow them to clear up any misunderstandings.

Save deals, coupons on iPhone

Websites like BlackFriday.com have the circulars available weeks before they go out and onto your doorstep on Thanksgiving morning. This allows you to plan ahead. But they also provide with a digital copy of the sales paper, making it easier than ever to save as an image and show when needed.

Map It Out

map out the stores location

If you are planning a shopping spree, you have to plan the route well so as to cover as many places as you can in the shortest time. In larger cities, the roads are busier than normal on the evening of Black Friday and pre-dawn. This makes it crucial to get to the stores in a timely manner, before the lines pick up and the doors open. Apple Maps, now with turn-by-turn directions, allow you to get alternate rules that take into consideration the traffic and other road conditions.

If Apple Map does not suit your needs, there are several other map applications that you can make use of.

Stay On Schedule

Two iPhone programs can come in handy for ensuring that you are staying on schedule for Black Friday. First off, everything is all about timing when it comes to resting up. More stores are opening earlier and at different times than they did last Black Friday. It’s crucial to have alarms set on your iPhone to work around this.

set alarm for Black Friday

First off, if you are heading out a couple of hours after dinner and want to rest up before going, you may want to set an alarm for waking you up then as well as before the second round during pre-dawn door-busters.

Secondly, making a calendar event of when each store opens and what they are featuring at that time will allow you to know which store you can sacrifice, delegate to another family member to tackle, or forget about all together.

What are some of the tricks you are using to tackle the most hectic shopping day of the year?

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