The Complete eduCBA Professional Training Lifetime Subscription Bundle


Improve your skills at work with more than 4,800 courses offering training in Tech, Finance, and Project Management with the Complete eduCBA Professional Training Lifetime Subscription Bundle. With these courses, you’ll get access to over 9,500 hours of instruction videos that will help you stand out from your peers.

The following courses are included in this bundle.

Tech Training Lifetime Bundle


It’s time to take your technical skills to the next level and learn how to develop new skills, applying them immediately to your professional life. This enormous collection of courses will help you cover everything from web and app development, software engineering, and cloud computing to data analytics and graphic design. Regardless of your current career, you can elevate your skills and learn new ones with lifetime access to this massive library of educational content.

Soft Skills Lifetime Bundle

You could be the smartest, most technically-skilled person in any room and still struggle to make yourself stand out if you don’t have any soft skills. This enormous collection of courses will help awaken the leader within you and allow you to stand out in your career. From managerial skills to email etiquette and communication skills, this comprehensive bundle has everything you need to master the little things and start climbing the ladder.

Finance Lifetime Bundle

Finance is a daunting subject, but it’s one of the most lucrative industries on the planet and a crucial subject for anyone to learn. Take some of the stress out of the finance business! This massive, 700-course bundle covers all things financial, from investment banking to personal finance, so you can grow your financial knowledge with confidence.

Mobile Apps Lifetime Bundle


Have a great app idea? It’s time to do something about it! This bundle includes over 100 courses on all things related to mobile app development — from iOS to Android. You’ll learn how to take that great app idea and build it yourself for any platform.

Project Management Lifetime Bundle

Project management is one of the fastest growing areas in many industries as companies look to cut costs and become more efficient. Project managers specialize in optimizing teams’ time and resources in order to complete projects in the most efficient way possible. In this 100+ course bundle, you’ll cover the basics of project management and delve into a variety of important methodologies.

Test Prep and Certifications Training Lifetime Bundle

The best way to take your career to the next level? By earning certifications! With this enormous collection of courses, you can access study materials to ace a wide variety of professional certification exams that can help you climb up the career ladder in any industry. Categories include project management, finance, Microsoft, quality management, and tech and IT, arming you with essential career tools. Regardless of your current career, you can elevate your skills and learn new ones with lifetime access to this massive library of educational content.

Design Lifetime Bundle

Take your design skills to the next level with this comprehensive bundle, including courses on 3D design, animation, Adobe, and much more. Designers are more in demand now than ever as companies look to market products and services in effective, creative new ways. Regardless of your experience, this bundle can give you the skills to begin a graphic design career.

Office Productivity Lifetime Bundle


Procrastination is a curse that plagues most of us, and we end up wasting valuable work time because of it. Fight back against procrastination with this enormous bundle, loaded with tips and tricks to get the most out of various productivity tools from Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Apple, and more. Here, you’ll learn productivity tips and tricks for virtually everyone from students to entrepreneurs to CEOs.

Business and Entrepreneurship Lifetime Bundle

Keep learning and growing with this library of courses on entrepreneurship, strategy, operations, sales, marketing, management, and more. You can stay prepared for success in the business world and ensure that your skills stay relevant and impressive to all potential employers.

Data and Analytics Lifetime Bundle

Data and analytics are hugely important to companies of all sizes, and they’re willing to pay a pretty penny for analysts who can use data to make better informed business decisions. This bundle covers data analytics, modeling, and a variety of programs you can use to harvest and use data. Before you know it, you’ll be a data wizard, ready for employment at some of the top companies in the world.

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