Easily Edit the Win + X Menu in Windows 8 to Increase Your Productivity


Microsoft introduced several Windows key shortcuts to make life much easier and the WIN + X context menu is one of them. WIN + X shortcut, commonly known as the “Power User Menu” or “Quick Access Menu,” appears at the bottom left corner of your screen and contains several links to quickly access many system tools and frequently used programs like command prompt, device manager, file explorer, network connections, control panel, computer management, etc.

Even with all the tools that are listed in the power user menu, we always miss our favorite and most used programs in that list. That said, you can easily add your most used system tools and programs to the WIN + X menu. So without further ado, let us see how to edit the power user menu in Windows 8 to increase your productivity.

Edit Win + X Menu In Windows 8

We can manually edit the power user menu, but it really is a little bit messy. So, to edit the power user menu we are going to use a free and portable program called Win + X Menu editor.

1. Once you have downloaded the program, unzip and open WinXEditor.exe in either X64 (64-bit) or X86 (32-bit), depending on your system specs. As for me, I’m opening the 64-bit version as my PC is 64-bit.

2. Once you have opened this menu editor, It will show you all the default groups and shortcuts. If you want to move the menu items up and down in a group, just select the item and use the arrow icons displayed on the right side.


3. To add a new program to the list of items, click on “Add a Program” and select “Add a Program” from the list.


4. Now navigate through the directories and select your favorite or most used program and click on the open button. As you can see from the image, I’ve selected my favorite program “Sublime Text,” as I’ll be using it more often.


5. The above action will open the “Rename” window where you can rename your selected program so that it blends in the list.


6. Once you have renamed the program, click on the “Ok” button. You are done adding a program to the list of tools and programs.


7. Click on the “Restart Explorer” button to see the changes.


8. If you want to remove the existing shortcuts or the items, then just select the shortcut and click on the remove button to remove the selected shortcut from the list.


9. The good thing about the Win + X menu editor is that it has some very commonly used shortcut presets like shutdown options, paint, notepad, calculator, etc. To add a preset, click on “Add a program” -> “Add Preset” and select the preset you want to use. Once you’ve selected a preset, the menu editor will automatically create a new group with all the shortcuts.


Last but not least, if you ever want to restore the defaults, just click on the restore defaults button on the top-right side and you are good to go.


That’s all there is to do; it is that simple to edit the power user menu using a free app from Winaero. Hopefully that helps, but do comment below if you face any problems while editing the Win + X menu.

Vamsi Krishna

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