How to Edit Videos on Android Using Kinemaster

Edit Feature

There’s a good chance you still have those videos you took from the last get-together with your friends. They are sitting in your device’s gallery waiting to be edited. The thought of transferring those videos to your computer for editing may have crossed your mind, but it’s not going to be necessary.

Kinemaster is perfectly capable of editing your videos. It’s a feature-rich video-editing app for Android that has all the essential features to give your videos your own personal touch for free.

How to Trim a Video Using Kinemaster

To trim your video you’ll need to upload it first. To add your video, tap on the “+” sign in the middle circle.

Trim Add

Once your video is added, tap on the checkmark at the top right. To trim your video, tap on the video at the bottom, and after the border will turn yellow. Towards the top left you’ll see a scissor icon.

Edit Trim

Tap on it and a new trimming options will appear in that same area. If the options are greyed out, slide the video back and forth so the options light up. You can trim to the left or right of the playhead, split at playhead, or split and insert freeze frame. Choose the option that best fits your needs.

How to Use the Transition Feature in Kinemaster

Adding a transition to your videos is an easy task. Add a video like you normally would, but this time choose a few more. You’ll notice that in between each video there will be a grey square with a line in the middle. To add a transition, tap on that square.

Edit Transs

Tap on the transition effect option and various options. You can choose from options such as 3D transitions, classic, fun, picture-in-picture, powerful, presentation, text, and more. When you’re done adding a transition, tap on the checkmark at the top. To preview the transitions, slide the video to where you want it to begin and tap on the play button.

How to Do a Voiceover in Kinemaster

Once you’ve added the videos, you want to add the voiceover too. Tap on the mic icon. The recording won’t start until you tap on the Start button, but you can see that the mic is on because a green light will begin to flash.

Edit Voice

Once you tap on the Start button, the parts of the video that the voiceover will be added to will be highlighted in red. When you tap on the stop button, the part of the video that was in red will now have a purple line below it. You will also see additional options such as to review, re-record, loop, voice filter, voice volume, and trim.

Edit Voicecut

How to Add Text to a Kinemaster Video

Adding text to a video is a fundamental and essential tool. To add your text and personalize it too, tap on the Layer button to the left of the red camera button. When you tap on the option, a new window of options will appear. The text option will be towards the bottom.

Edit Text

Type your message, and tap on the OK button. Your text will be small at first, but by dragging it out, you can make it bigger. Tap on the uneven As, and you can change the font of the text. The animation option will give you ways you can introduce the text such as slide down, slide up, clockwise, drop, and more.

Edit Color

Swipe down and you can also add things such as shadow, glow, outline, background color, full-width background, and more. To change the color of the text, tap on the white circle to the right of the scissor icon.

How to Add Music to Your Videos

Videos are a lot better when you add music. For example, let’s say that you want to add a song you have on your device. Place the red line at the bottom where you want the song to begin. Tap on the music icon, and choose the song.

Edit Music

When you choose your song, a red plus sign will appear. The audio will start to play so you can confirm if that’s the song you want to add. If you’re sure that’s the song, tap on the red plus sign, and the name of the song will appear at the bottom.


Kinemaster is a free editing app for Android full of great, free features. Once you get the hang of how to use it, it’s not as intimidating as it was in the beginning. What do you think about the app?

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