Edit Your Pictures Online with These 4 Photo Apps

You’ve taken a beautiful picture of a sunset or of a child playing with your dog. You probably want to add some vibrance to it or add some text to it. Unfortunately, you don’t have editing software, either because they cost a bomb, or because you are using a Chromebook and can’t install any software on it. Here is where online image editing software comes in. Most online image-editing software are free and easy to use. Almost anyone who knows how to open a browser and send an email can now edit their pictures online for free.

Here are five tools that can help improve the look and feel of your images.

This editor includes both an Android and an iOS app allowing you to edit images on the go. It allows you to load an image from a web link, your photos apps, or from your computer hard drive. You can add retro effects to your image, overlays, borders, and text.


Pixlr Express, the web version, allows you to even take a picture using your webcam and create collages, overlay effects, and create interesting picture combinations.

Whether you want to touch up an image, crop, add texture, or overlay an image with text, this tool enables almost anybody to do any of this. An auto adjust feature even allows you to automatically optimize your images to the correct exposure and color saturations.


Most of the features allow you to get down to a picture detail and make very subtle changes to different image elements. You can then save the final masterpiece to either your local hard drive or on DropBox, Facebook or Flickr.


Commonly used by designers and professionals, this tool offers a variety of designs. You can create a social media infographic, poster, Facebook cover, blog graphic or a presentation image using Canva. Once logged in, all of your designs are saved and automatically show up on your home page. Edits are non-destructible and you can always edit a graphic multiple times.

Canva Designs

Canva includes a variety of designs that you only need to edit to get that exact same look. There are poster designs with images and text that you can simply swap with your own text and images. It also includes a variety of text designs that you can overlay on your images to give them a professional look.

Google Plus

Most people may not be aware, but Google Plus includes a powerful editing tool for uploaded images. Any picture you upload on Google+ can be edited by clicking on the “Edit” button. You can do basic or creative adjustments, each of which includes detailed elements that you can edit in your image.

Basic adjustments allow you to enhance the color and add brightness, contrast and other simple elements. Creative adjustments enable you to change the image theme, whether its giving it a retro, vintage, or an HDR look.

A customizable auto-enhance feature also allows you to improve the look of your images with one click of a button. This tool includes a selective tuning feature to help you edit certain sections of your image only.


The above tools allow you to create stunning images at zero cost. In addition, they are easy to use which makes them the preferred way of enhancing images for both amateurs and professionals.

Let us know in the comments if we have missed out on other gems.