The 6 Best Apps to Edit Photos on Android Device

Whether you are a professional photographer or someone who loves capturing the moments of life, you would be interested in giving those photos a bit of retouch. Usually, the photos that you capture often need a bit of modification to make them look a whole lot better and that can be done on a PC. Well, the time has changed and so has the options for photo editing. Gone are the days when you needed to get to a PC to do even some basic photo editing. With devices like Android smartphones, you now have your arsenal of editing weapons with you. So for you folks, here are some apps that allow you to edit photos on Android devices.


As the name implies, PicsArt lets you combine the art of your imagination with your pictures, making the end result look more beautiful than it originally was. Comprising of features that are usually seen in the commercial editing apps like Photoshop, the app is no less than a fully featured photo editing tool for your smartphone.

Besides editing photos, you can create collages, add some magical effects, remove unwanted objects and there is a lot you can do with it. Go ahead and give it a shot, you will not be disappointed.


If you are a fan of quick image editing, you just can’t miss this great app called Pixlr Express. The inbuilt function called “Auto Fix” automatically fixes your photos to make them look better. The app lets you fix red eyes, add lightning effects, and not to mention the basic features like crop and resize images.


Have you been seeing a lot of memes all around the web and wondering how those guys make them? Wonder not anymore. PicSay, a photo editor, allows you to edit your photos in a free mode letting you put balloons, text, arrows and almost anything and make a great looking meme. It is not limited to just memes, you can do some other editing as well. Install it and check out the great features of this app for yourself.


When it comes to editing images, how can we forget Adobe? With the official photo editing app called Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe has created a buzz among the photographers who are looking to get more out of their captures. The app includes a one-touch fix, red eye removal tool, color control options and a lot more. It is basically for those who use Photoshop on their PC and want to have the same kind of functionality on their smartphone.


Photos without a cinematic effect look dull and that is what the developers behind Snapspeed want to help you with. The app offers a number of filters and effects that you can apply to your images, including but not limited to; vintage films, black and white, grunge, etc. Once you are done editing a photo, you can instantly share it with your family and friends using the inbuilt “Share” feature.


If you are a person who loves going back to the ’80s, you would love using this nice tiny app called Pixlr-o-matic. The app lets you add retro effects to your photos making them completely look like they were taken years ago. Besides, the great basic tools are always there to help you with your editing needs. It also offers you the feature to take instant photos and edit them right away, no need to select existing pictures stored on your device.

When it comes to photo editing for Android devices, there is no lack of apps. There is an app for almost any editing need, you name it, you get it. It best describes this scenario.