How To Edit Multiple Images And Merge Them Together

With the rise in popularity of pocket camera and photography, it is to no surprise that the next thing to be in hot demand is an entry level photo editor. In Make Tech Easier, we have covered plenty of image editors, from entry level to professional grade. Today, we are going to show you how to edit multiple images and merge them together with a simple tool – FotoMix.

FotoMix is a very easy to use image editor and only requires a single click operation top merge two (or more) photos together. It can also be used for simple photo editing tasks like cropping, resizing, rotating, mirror flipping and enhancement of pictures.


The installation of FotoMix is rather tricky. It can install a host of other software if not installed carefully. When I first started installing FotoMix, it asked me if I wanted to install Babylon along with the software. You will need to uncheck “Download and Install Babylong 9”.

babylon ad

Then you’ll see a dialog box confirming the operation. You will need to press “Cancel” in order to not install Babylon search engine in your browser.

babylon search

Next came another ad about SpeedUpMyPC. You’ll need to uncheck the checkbox in order to avoid installing another software.


The last one was in Spanish so it was a difficult task for me to translate. You will need to select “No estoy de acuerdo”. This will prevent the advertisement software from installing. The advertisements may vary but you’ll need to be careful on each and every screen. After all these are done, the actual FotoMix software will download and install.

When you start FotoMix for the first time, you’ll see a very user friendly interface. On the left hand menu, you’ll see buttons like resize, crop, rotate and mirror flip and on the top menu you’ll see buttons like background, foreground composition, touch up, finish.


The top menu actually guides you through the photo editing process. First you’ll need to select a background, then a foreground and then make a composition of the foreground and the background along with other options like adding text to the picture, adjusting fading, transparency etc.

FotoMix Composition

Touch tab will let you use brushes like color brush, tint brush, clone brush, blend brush and smooth brush on the picture.

FotoMix Touch Up

The Finish tab will finally let you adjust the frame size, save, print or copy the final image.

FotoMix software supports a lot of languages. You can click on the globe icon on the top right of the software window. It will display a list of languages which are supported. You can select any language to change the language of FotoMix immediately.

Overall, FotoMix is a great choice for those who don’t have much experience with photo editing especially for combining two images together to form a new image. What are your thoughts about this nifty software? Will you use for your own purpose or do you prefer any other image editing software? Please share your thought in comments below.

Download FotoMix

Image credit: Photo camera with photos by Big Stock Photo.

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